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Mother's Day Special

Mean Girls want to wish our wonderful followers a Happy Mother's Day! As a special treat some of our favorite book Daddy's stopped by to wish their beautiful baby mama's a Happy Mother's Day too.

First up is Ethan Blackstone from The Blackstone Affair Series by Raine Miller:
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Next up is a letter from Grant Morgan from Love, Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro:

A message from Chris King from Then There Was You (So Much It Hurts #2) by Melanie Dawn:
I sit back, admiring the beautiful woman standing at the sink. She’s been talking a mile a minute about her day, Alexis and Zoe, and our plans this coming weekend. I haven’t heard a word. All my mind can focus on is how amazing my life is at the moment. I’m still sitting at the dinner table, my stomach bloated from the delicious homemade meal she cooked for me. For years, I longed for this—this taste of home. I watch her as a soapy hand reaches up and pushes a strand of hair behind her ear. She shifts her weight onto one leg. I know she’s tired from being on her feet all day. I can hear Alexis singing in the living room while she rocks her baby sister, Zoe. In that moment I feel so blessed to have a gorgeous wife by my side, two amazing children who make life worth living, and this little place called home. No more life on the road. Just here. In this place. Happy.
I slide out of my seat, creeping up behind her where her hands are plunged into the deep sudsy water. I slip my hands around her waist, pulling her against me. I bend down and ever so gently press my lips to the soft skin at the base of her neck. She leans into me, relishing the quiet moment between us. “Go sit down,” I whisper. “I got this.” I can almost hear the grin spread across her face. As if I didn’t offer to do the dishes after every meal, she teases me, “What on earth did I do to deserve this?” My lips smile against her skin. Lifting my head, my eyes meet hers. “You had my baby. And for that, I owe you the world.”

Here is Blake's Mother's Day letter to Alex from Running on Empty and Recovery (Mending Hearts Series) by L.B. Simmons.
To my lover.
To my teacher.
To my partner.
But most importantly…to my best friend.
You are such an amazing mother to our girls.
Our girls.  Wow. It still boggles my mind to say that.
What a privilege you gave me when you allowed me to enter your lives. All of your lives. I have watched and learned so much from you when it comes to guiding these beautiful girls as we mold them into young women…together. You are not only their mother. You are their friend, their support, their confidant, their…everything. And I get to be a part of that. My life is truly, finally, complete.
I love you, Alex. I know sometimes life gets in the way, but I wanted to take this very special day to let you know how much I love you. I appreciate you. And I will be eternally grateful to you for completing my life. You are not only the girls’…but you are my everything.
I love you.
Happy Mother’s Day.
~ Blake
P.S. I will be taking the girls for the whole day. So enjoy your time. Read a book. Get a massage. Go see a movie. Relax. But know the moment I get home, after I put the girls to bed, you are all mine. And I intend on showing you how eternally grateful I am.  ;)
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Next up is a letter from Caleb to Abby from It All Started with a Lima Bean (Intertwined Hearts #1)by Kimi Flores:
The day you told me we were going to have a child, you were absolutely glowing. I can’t imagine how scared you were at times because of the miscarriage in the past. It was awe-inspiring to watch you fight against your fears and hold on to the hope that you’d be cuddling our baby in your arms one day. Call me a Neanderthal but there was something so primal about how protective I felt, knowing you were carrying a little part of ‘us’ wherever you went. As your body changed, something new awakened in me. Your curvy hips, round belly and full breasts were enough to bring me to my knees, ready to offer you anything and everything you could ever want. Now don’t get me wrong, I know you weren’t always comfortable, but when you were pregnant, you radiated pure joy. I kept thinking, ‘this beautiful woman not only offered to spend the rest of her life with me, but she’s creating a tiny miracle inside of her to add to our family.’ I knew you were going to be a fantastic mother to our child by the way you took Maddie in as your own. You made the effort to get to know her not as my daughter or the little girl who lost her mother to cancer, but you made the effort to get to know her as your daughter. Even though you guys tend to gang up on me, I couldn’t be happier that she loves you as much as you love her. The kids and I are incredibly blessed to have you as our mother and wife. The moment you’re ready, I can’t wait to make more of those beautiful babies with you. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you baby! Caleb

Terri Anne Browning's The Rocker Series boys are up next.
Would like to wish my amazing wife a Happy Mother’s Day. Em, I am so proud that you are the mother of my children.
--Nik Armstrong

Just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible wife and the mother of my children. Layla, you do so much and I feel as if I can never tell or show you enough how much you mean not only to me but to Lucy, Lyric and Luca. I love you, baby.
--Jesse Thorton

Happy Mother’s Day to my angel. You have only made my life more complete since you gave me Nevaeh. You deserve to be spoiled every day, not just Mother’s Day.
--Drake Stevenson

One of our favorite MC guys, Braxxon from The Breakneck Series has a message for Winter:

“Angel, in my eyes you’re already a mother. You’re already caring for our child. You have my child growing in your belly. Happy Mother’s Day, baby! And if I have it my way I’ll have you pressed against the wall impregnating you again, right after this one…”
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Dear Emily and Dear Tabitha's Alex has a beautiful letter for Tabitha:

I hold his tiny hand in my own and press it onto the paper in front of me. The tiny handprint is smeared, but I think it’s the best I can do at the moment.
“Shh,” I whisper quietly into my son’s ear. Our son. Jake. He whimpers softly in my arms as I rock him back and forth while I try to clean the ink from his hand. Eventually, I feel his body slowly relax as he drifts into a deep sleep and I softly kiss the top of his head. After I place him back in his crib, I sit back down in the rocking chair and pick up the notebook that she gave me a few years ago. Jake’s handprint is still damp and I blow on it lightly so I don’t smear it anymore than it already is. Below the handprint, I begin to write…

Dear Tabs,
 What can I possibly say that I haven’t told you every single day that we’ve been together?
 I love you.
 More than life itself.
 God, I can’t look at Jake without feeling my heart pull from my chest. What we created together. Who we created together is just – perfect.
 And you, Tabs. You are the perfect mother. Watching you with our children, I realize that this is exactly the family we are supposed to have together. Our family is vibrant and happy and this is all because of you.
And Jake. My boy. Our boy. He reminds me every day what our love can create.
This isn’t your first Mother’s Day, because you’ve been a mother for many years. But it’s our first Mother’s Day together, with our complete family. With our son.
Thank you for giving this life to me, Tabs.
Happy Mother’s Day
I love you,
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Axel, Cage and Cohen from Harper Sloan's Corps Security have sweet messages for Izzy and Melissa:
There was a time when I never thought I would get a chance to say that.  I always knew that if I had kids, I would only want it to be with you.  The day that you had Nate was one of the best days of my life.  You gave me the world the day that you came back into my life and having Nate just made it that much better.  Knowing that we’re about to have another little one, damn babe… there just aren’t enough words to tell you how much that means to me.  I love you beyond words.  Watching you with our boy, seeing the love that you have for him and for us makes me fall even more in love with you than I thought was possible.  I know I’m terrible at these things, babe, but to the best damn mother in the world… Happy Mother’s Day Princess. 

Cohen, the girls, and I wanted to make you something special this year…something that we can carry on each year that would show you just how much we love you.  It might be a little crazy, but it’s us.  I love you, baby.  Thank you for giving me this life.
Your Beast

Hi, Mommy!  I love you.  And my girls love you they just can’t tell you that because all they do is poop and pee pee.  But we love you a lot, a whole lot.  So I made you something and Daddy says it’s so you know how much I love you when I’m running around chasing girls but that’s just gross.

My mom is - fifty-hundred years old
She weighs - as much as Aunt Izzy and is short so Daddy can carry her like me
Her hair is  - black
Her eyes are - blue
She likes to relax by - sitting in daddy’s lap
She likes to wear - silly dresses
She loves to cook - food and bacon
Her favorite household chore is - cleaning daddy’s underwears
Favorite TV Show – Real Homewifes.  And you always laugh really hard and Daddy tells you to quiet down. 
Favorite Movie – The dancing one
Favorite Book – The ones in her little ken doll
Favorite Song – Make You Feel My Love
Favorite Color - Shiny
My mom always tells me to – give her kisses and to stop talking about my Daddy’s wiener.
It makes her happy when – I give her kisses.  And love my sisters.  And give her hugs.  And kisses.
When my mom goes shopping she loves to buy – me toys
If she could go on a trip she would go to – the store to buy me toys
And she would take – me and my girls and sometimes Daddy but he doesn’t let us get lotsa toys
I really love it when my mom – gives me kisses.
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Nicole Edward's Luke and Cole from Temptation and Devotion LUV Seirra:
Dear Sierra,

Happy Mother’s Day! Just a fair warning, this is a joint effort. Neither of us are particularly good with words, but we don’t think we have to tell you that.

But that hasn’t stopped us from sitting down and trying to write something that might express to some degree just what you mean to us. Since you are our world that isn’t as easy as you might think. From the very first day that we met you, you’ve given us so much – hope, love, acceptance. Fulfillment. Not only have you helped all three of us figure out how this is supposed to work, but you’ve been patient. For that, we love you even more.

But this is supposed to be a mother’s day card, so it is probably expected that we tell you what a wonderful mother you are. The best, actually. You’ve given us Hannah, which has tripled the amount of love that we both feel and that’s three times more than either of us would’ve ever expected. Our beautiful baby girl is the light that brightens each and every day, regardless of what might be happening. She is perfect in every way, just like her mother.
We are well aware that this has probably come out as a jumbled mess, but we can live with that if you can. As long as you truly know just how much we love you, and how much greater life is with you in it, then we’ve accomplished our goal. And if that doesn’t work, you can open the gift that we got you.

Happy Mother’s Day, baby. We love you.

Luke & Cole
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Ryker from Andrea Randall's In The Stillness wrote a sweet letter for Natalie:
I still can’t write—or say—your name without smiling. Everyday you bring me more out of my shell than I ever thought I was in to begin with. When we first met, what seemed like a lifetime ago, I knew you were special. But, seeing you with Max and Oliver takes my breath away on a daily basis. Sometimes a minute-by-minute basis. You don’t give yourself enough credit. I wish you could see the kind of mother you are through my eyes. Firm but gentle, and always always loving. Sometimes, in the quiet moments when you’re upstairs reading to them before bed, I linger after I give them their goodnight kisses and just watch you. Though the crack in their bedroom door I watch as you read and sign their favorite stories over and over again. I grin as Max almost always falls asleep across your lap and you have to navigate a seven-year-old boy under his covers without waking him. I catch your “moment”, too. The one you talk about where they’re finally asleep, and the craziness of the day is over, and you’re so tired you can barely see straight, but as you stand in the center of their room and watch their sleeping faces, you want them to wake up again. To kiss again, laugh again, play again. The peace and love on your face in that moment—the moment you call your “stillness”—is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. One of these days I’m going to ask you to be my wife, Natalie. And, if we can love each other as much as you love those boys, then we’re the luckiest people on the planet. I love you, Nat. Xo Ryker

Andrea Randall's November Blue Series Bo adores Ember. Here is his letter to her:
Happy Mother’s Day, Love. Watching you as a mother makes me a better father. Studying your patience and admiring your grace forces me to take a deep breath when the nights are long, and the days are longer. Being a parent is so hard. Harder than I thought it would be, honestly. Your patience extends way beyond the sleepless nights and gives me grace when I struggle with new emotions that come from being a parent, and still missing my own. Jax is lucky to have you as his mom, and I count myself even luckier to have you as my partner in life. Thank you for making me a better person. I love you. Bo


Brody from the Cranberry Inn Series by Beth Ehemann has some beautiful words for Kacie:
A couple years ago, a series of crappy events and one giant rainstorm landed me on your doorstep. Add in one ferris wheel ride and an adorable set of Twinkies and I was hooked. You are an incredibly selfless mom. You definitely haven’t traveled the easiest of roads since they were born, yet the life you’ve created for them is nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to one day kiss your swollen belly as our baby kicks you from the inside, but until then, we’ll just keep practicing… a lot.

Happy Mother’s Day, baby!
Love, Brody 
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Next up is a message from Ryder Matthews from Mellie George's Bad Blooded Rebel Novellas:

What’s up everyone, Ryder Matthews here. Let me tell you all why my wife Everleigh is going to be an amazing mother; it’s because she already is. Our baby won’t be born until later this year, but she’s already going above and beyond to make sure he (even though we don’t know for sure yet I am positive it’s a boy, haha) is safe and well. She also takes amazing care of me in every aspect of life (and I do mean every aspect, *wink*). Everleigh is just amazing; she’s funny, smart, a great cook, and she’s sexy as hell. The more her body grows with our child the more gorgeous she is…it’s a daily struggle to stay clothed around her.
I hope she knows how much I love and cherish her. My life would be nothing without her and until we found out we were expecting, I didn’t know there was a way I could love her more. Just knowing that we created a tiny innocent life from our love for each other is incredible to think about. Evie, if you are reading this, I just wanted to say I love you so, so much, you take my breath away more and more each day, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, GORGEOUS! 

Dax from Erika Ashby's Broken Wings has a message for Lynsie:

Dear Lynsie,
On this Mother's Day, I wanna give you the world. 
Give back what you've given me & so much more. 
You've made me a father in more ways than one. 
I'm counting down the days til you give birth to our son. 
I loved you then. I love you now. And I will love you forever. 
Thanks for loving me in return & being the World's Greatest Mother!

N.A. Alcorn's The Infamous Elle James'Trent writes Ellie a mother's day letter:

To My Beautiful Ellie,
As I’m writing this, I’m sitting outside watching you cuddle with Lucy in the hammock. I swear every time I see you look down at our daughter with those gorgeous hazel eyes of yours, I fall in love with you all over again. Yes, I’m not a poet or a writer, and sometimes it takes an impromptu karaoke session to profess my undying love for you, but I’d do anything to make sure you know how much you mean to me. You’ve changed my life in so many ways, sweetheart.
I’m a better man because of you.
I can’t talk to you without feeling honored.
I can’t see you without being in awe.
I can’t hold you without knowing I’m the luckiest bastard on the planet.
But most of all, I can’t exist without you in my life. You gave me the best gift I could ever dream of. You made me a father to the most perfect little girl.
I’ve got a special surprise for you today. A day filled with pampering and time to enjoy your very first Mother’s Day without having to worry about doing anything but relaxing. And I hope that after you’ve enjoyed your day at the spa with the girls, we can get to work on another little surprise...
If it were up to me, you would already be barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen.
I can only imagine the look you’ve got on your face right now. You’re probably rolling your eyes and mumbling something about never wanting to be fat and pregnant again. But baby, you were the sexiest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Your tits were un-fucking-believable. (I bet you’re smiling now and before you start griping…pregnant or not, your tits are perfect.)
Enjoy your day sweetheart, and just remember that I adore ever little thing about you.
You were made for me.
Happy Mother’s Day, Ellie.

Adian from Everything I Never Had by Lynetta Halat



Hunter from Megan Smith's Love series has a scene for us:
I pour pancake mix on the griddle while listening to the Ryder babbling. He’s sitting in his highchair eating the pancakes I fixed for him a few minutes ago. I glance over my shoulder to make sure he’s actually eating. I smile over at my son and he smiles right back at me. He’s a splitting image of me; CC tells me this on a daily basis.
“Eat your food buddy.”
“Mama.” Ryder says before putting a piece of food in his mouth.
“She’s upstairs. Daddy’s finishing this up and then we’ll go wake her up and give her the gift we got.”
I turn back to the stove and flip the pancakes. I reach up into the cabinet next to the fridge and grab a glass to fill it with orange juice. Once the pancakes are done I put them on a plate and then pick up the orange juice and put it all on the tray.
Ryder just put his last bite in his mouth so I grab a wipe from the counter and wipe his face and hands.
“Ready to go wake mommy up?”
“Mama.” Ryder says laughing.
I grab Ryder out of his highchair and then turn to grab the tray of food with the other hand. It’s not easy getting upstairs with Ryder and the food but somehow we manage. I place Ryder down so that I can open the door.
Ryder pushes the door open and starts giggling. He runs right over to CC’s side of the bed and yells, “Mama!”
CC is lying in bed with our beautiful four month old daughter. While CC may say that Ryder and I look alike our daughter looks just like her. Everyone says it.
When we first opened the door CC’s eyes were closed but as soon as Ryder called her name a smile broke out across her gorgeous face. She’s an amazing mom as I knew she would be. The kids come before anything else. There are days that the house might be a complete mess, the dishes piled high and we have no clean clothes but when I see them all smiling at me when I walk in the door after a long hard day makes everything else fade away.
“Good morning Monkey.” CC says stretching her arms above her.
“Mama up.” Ryder says while holding his arms in the air for her to pick him up.
I place the tray on the bedside table and place a kiss on CC forehead. “Good morning beautiful.”
CC wraps her hands around my neck, “Morning baby.”
I whisper in her ear, “I can’t wait for your parents to take the kids tonight.”
CC moans in my ear and I feel my dick spring to life. Our sex life has kind of been non-existent since having our daughter and Ryder having problems sleeping through the night lately. We were all still working on finding our routine.
I reach down to adjust myself. CC laughs, of course she would. I walk around to my side of the bed and lift my perfect little girl into my arms and sit down. I look over at CC who is reading the card that Ryder handed to her.
“Did you buy me this?” She asks Ryder.
He jumps on the bed and CC has to grab his little body and sit him between her legs. I don’t know where that kid gets his energy from.
She opens the card and the gift card I picked up earlier falls into Ryder’s lap. He picks it and tries to put it his mouth but CC stops him just before he does.
“You got me a day at the spa?” CC says excitedly. “You got be a day at the spa?” she says again.
I chuckle, “We figured you could use it.
CC squeezes Ryder and kisses his cheek, “Thank you, Monkey.” She leans over and kisses our daughters head, “Thank you, love bug.” Then she looks up to me and winks. “I love you, you know that right?”
I kiss her soft lips, “You going to show me how much later?” I tease.
“You bet your ass I am.”
CC places Ryder down on the floor so that he can play with his cars that a piled in front of the TV in our room. I reach over and place my little princess in her bassinet to finish her nap and then pull CC into my arms.
“I love you baby.” I kiss her neck. “More than words can ever say.” I kiss the other side of her neck. “Thank you for our babies.”
CC turns in my arms sitting between my legs, “Can we lock ourselves in the bathroom for ten minutes?”
I pull her so our bodies are flush against each other. “Don’t temp me baby.”
Then the next thing we hear is Ryder throwing up. CC and I sigh at the same time, the mood officially ruined.
I climb off the bed and turn to see Ryder standing with a car in his hand, his face is pale and he’s crying.
“I’ll get him.” CC says.
I turn and level her with a glare, “Sit your ass down and eat your breakfast it’s getting cold.”
CC pulls the cover back over legs and grabs the tray placing it on her lap, “If you’re sure.” she says with a smirk.
“You’re gonna need your strength later.” I through over my shoulder while holding Ryder out in front of me.
CC laughs, “I love you!”
I yell back, “I love you more.”

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