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Release Day Blitz & Review: Beautiful Broken Promises by Kimberly Lauren


THIS IS A total STAND-ALONE NOVEL. No need to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this book. This is not a dark romance. 

Every day you stay gone
I die a thousand more deaths 

Lane Parker has secrets he hasn’t even told his closest friends. He may have earned their respect but it’s undeserved. He may seem genuine but he’s a total fraud. He may look strong, but on the inside he’s weak and drowning with no chance of catching his breath any time soon.

After four years, Lane finally gets the call he’s been waiting for. Given back a piece of the life he’s been fighting so hard to reclaim, will he be able to handle everything that comes along with it? And if so, can all of his broken promises be redeemed?

So, I don’t give up and I won’t let them win 
I will find you and I will make sure that you know
You’re my everything

New Adult Contemporary Romance: strong language and sexual content. This novel is intended for those 18 years and older. 

Kimberly Lauren has absolutely blown me away with the latest novel in her Broken Series, Beautiful Broken Promises. This is a MUST READ for 2014! My expectations for this novel were astronomically high as Beautiful Broken Rules and Beautiful Broken Mess are some of my all-time favorite novels. From start to finish this novel is absolutely phenomenal. You’ll laugh, blush, and definitely cry. Beautiful Broken Promises is PERFECTION!

We are introduced to Lane Parker in Beautiful Broken Mess, but nothing could have prepared me for his character's depth, passion, and unwavering love. For the readers looking for a book boyfriend with some spice, Lane is your man. He exudes confidence and is totally lust-worthy. Beneath his muscled exterior and sexual magnetism, he carries a past burden that has haunted him for years. His secret was not at all what I expected. Once the full scope of his burden was revealed, I was left speechless and in awe of his strength. Oh it’s a doozy.

I don’t want to give away anything from the plot. It’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself, and I urge you to submerge yourself in Lane Parker’s world. Kimberly Lauren has masterfully written another novel that will captivate you from the beginning and permeate your soul. The beauty of her words and characters is indescribable. You will experience Lane’s heartbreak, his anger, and his undeniable sexual appetite – and you will love every second of this roller coaster ride. This story will haunt you long after you finish and it’s definitely one I would love to revisit from page one.

If you haven’t had the chance to read Kimberly Lauren’s Broken Series, you are missing out on literary gems! Pick up your copies of Beautiful Broken Rules, Beautiful Broken Mess, and Beautiful Broken Promises. You don’t want to miss getting familiar with Jaxon Riley, Jace Riley, and Lane Parker. 

This book is sooo good. I really liked Lane in Beautiful Broken Mess, book two of this awesome series, and I was super excited that he was getting his own story. Kimberly Lauren did not disappoint. I absolutely adore Lane's fierceness, loyalty, and protectiveness. There is no end to the lengths that he will go to for the people he loves. He will fight for them and in this book he fought so hard. He definitely met his match in Raegan.

Raegan (Rae) makes my list of favorite female characters. She's strong, determined, and doesn't take crap. She says what's on her mind and doesn't play games. I love this. Even with her past, she is comfortable in her own skin. She knows when she can stand on her own and isn't afraid or ashamed to lean on Lane when she needs it. These two are absolutely perfect for each other.

We learn about Lane's deep, dark secret in this book and how Rae is tied to it. My heart clenched and was crushed so many times. I was literally sitting at my desk at work (ssh...don't tell) trying not to let the tears fall. However, my heart was filled with love and contentment. This story is a perfect example of why I LOVE romance, and why I will always be first in line for any book by Kimberly Lauren.

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