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Release Day Blitz: Made To Love You by Megan Smith

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Title: Made to Love You
Series: The Love Series, Book Five

Jaylinn McCormick had finally found the man who makes her life complete. After putting the most terrifying night of her life behind her, she’s moving on. Suddenly, unexpected life altering events have Jaylinn spiraling in an unknown direction. Will she be able to survive?

Cooper Cahill finally found a balance in his life. He’s got the girl he always loved, business is thriving, and his baseball career is grand slamming down a new path. One phone call threatens to destroy his perfect life.

Can Cooper help Jaylinn dodge this curve ball life has pitched in her direction? Will the love they’ve found in each other be enough? Or will Jaylinn walk away from it all?

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Made to Love You is book five in the Love Series. You do need to read books one through four before you start MTLY.

I was so excited to see Coop and Jay pop up on my kindle. I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for this book to come out! I wanted Cooper and Jaylinn to have their happy ever after; especially after the cliffhanger we got at the end of Let Me Love You. 

Cooper and Jaylinn haven’t had it very easy, we know this from LMLY. If you think their story is going to be an easy ride, think again. MTLY is an emotional book right from the start. Your heart will be tugged multiple times; in fact, I think mine was tugged a bit too much. I know everything can’t be sunshine and rainbows but this story was a bit too heavy for my liking. 

Cooper of course is wrapped up in baseball, Fierce and Jaylinn. Trying to manage his time between all three is hard but Cooper is such a good guy you can’t help but root for him to pull it all together. Jaylinn is one of my favorite female leads. She is very strong and honestly reminds me of myself. She puts on the brave face when everything goes crazy but let’s Cooper help her when he knows she’s at the point of emotional over load. This book gives Jaylinn a lot of emotional over load. 

As I said early, this story was a little heavy for my liking. Megan touches on very real issues and she does a good job but it just wasn’t what I wanted. I hope that doesn’t steer readers away from reading this book. It is a great book and it is book five so if you've already read the other books in this series you are invested in the characters and you need to keep going. Not everyone will feel the way I do, I think it just depends on the reader.

I will say Megan lines the story up just right for Jackson and Chloe’s story, which I can’t wait to read.

USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native creating the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore.

Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of her fictional characters. Fans of The Love Series— Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You and Let Me Love You —are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith's emotional, energized and engaging work. Smith is also the author of the 2014 releases, Finding Us (Finding Series), Forever Light (Forever Love) and a few top-secret projects.
Literary Agency Representation: Jamie Bodnar-Drowley of Inklings Literary Agency

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