Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blog Tour & Review: Find Me by Laurelin Paige

Title: Find Me (The Found Duet, Book 2)
Author: Laurelin Paige

 Gwen Anders came to The Sky Launch to begin fresh, away from the horrors of her past. She fit in quickly, becoming good friends with her co-manager, Alayna Withers and the owner of the club, Hudson Pierce. Though the circumstances that brought her here were not the best, she's never felt more at home.

But starting a new life means letting go. And there are some things she doesn't want to leave behind - like JC, the man who taught her how to let loose. The man she wasn't supposed to fall in love with. The man she doesn't want to lose.

Now, with the reason she ran still a threat, Gwen fears she'll never be able to move on completely. And if she does, can she still hold out hope that JC loves her enough to come and find her?


I have been anxiously waiting to get my hands on Find Me by Laurelin Paige since I stumbled off the cliffhanger ending of Free Me. I couldn't wait to see how Gwen and JC's story would continue. If you haven't read Free Me (Book One) yet, you must before diving into Find Me. 

In Free Me, Gwen and JC find themselves succumbing to their undeniable chemistry and exploring the possibilities their connection provides. That is until life intervenes and threatens to destroy the foundation JC and Gwen have built. Vague enough for you? I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't cracked open this series.

In Find Me, we pick up where book one left off and see what our hero and heroine have been up to. I wanted to see how the duo would navigate their obstacles. The passion between Gwen and JC blazed during Free Me, but now that reality has interrupted, I was curious to know if their lust fueled haze had actual longevity and potential for a happily ever after. 

What I truly enjoyed about Find Me was how perfectly it concluded Gwen and JC's story. Any lingering questions about JC's past are sorted out in the pages of this second book. I was also quite shocked to see how Gwen was handling certain aspects of her life since we last checked in with her in Free Me. This story tests the strength of JC and Gwen's relationship and throws plenty of drama their way. Laurelin Paige knows how to lure a reader in with an enticing plot and irresistible characters. She can take a familiar motif and spin it in a way that is fresh and entertaining.

Readers will not be disappointed by Laurelin Paige's Found Duet. There's an inferno of passion, and abundance of drama, and an ending that will leave you swooning.

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