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Review: Out of the Wreckage by CeeCee James


After working hard to pick up the pieces of their broken childhoods, Miranda and Jason have what they’ve always wanted: a true and honest love.  
But even true love shatters if you treat it wrong.  
When a rich and successful fling from Miranda’s past shows up and takes an interest in her, Jason begins to question his own worth.  
He never doubted their love, but he wants Miranda to have the best life possible. The life she deserves.  
And maybe he isn’t the one to give it to her.  
When doubt and betrayal set in, Jason and Miranda must fight for their love in the wreckage…before it is destroyed forever. 

Out of the Wreckage is book 2 in the Second Chance  Series by CeeCee James. This is a continuation of Jason and Miranda's story, so it is not a standalone. Wrecked and Yours is a must in order to understand the complexity of the characters and get their history and story completely. I absolutely loved the characters in the first book and was excited that they got another book. 

This is Jason's story of self discovery and self worth. When his relationship with Miranda is confronted by an ex, he is plagued with feeling of not feeling worthy. He loves Miranda and wants what is best for her, ALWAYS, even if what's best isn't him. This story contains his journey to discovering himself and confronting his past. I won't lie, there were times that I was really annoyed with him. I just wished I could bonk him on the head and knock some sense into him. He clearly didn't see himself the way Cassie and Miranda saw him. As someone beloved, steady, and perfect just the way he is. He found himself by confronting the past and some well used words and actions by Miranda. 

Miranda also had to confront the past in this story. She felt like she couldn't truly move forward in her life until she dealt with what her uncle did to her when she was a child. While I am glad that she faced her demons, I felt that the resolution was too quick, neat, and tidy. I can't say anymore without giving the story away. Like in book 1, Cassie was there, holding the two together. Never quick to judge either Jason or Miranda, just there to give encouragement, support, or truthful words of advice. 

I loved how the characters evolved in these two stories. They really went through some tough self discovery. They didn't have life figured out. They had faults. They lived life through trial and error and made the best decisions that they knew how. In short, they are so realistic and refreshing. Now I just hope that Cassie can find her HEA.

My name is CeeCee. Wife, mother, writer, friend. Survivor. The story about overcoming strife is one that resonates with me. I lived it myself. My Ghost No More series is about my own journey moving from fear to hope. Wrecked and Yours is my first venture into fiction. It's a story about three homeless kids, and how they navigate life. As adults they reconnect, and it’s messy, like life often is. It’s their season to make a choice, look at life honestly and deal with it, or continue to run away.  I absolutely loved writing it.
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