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Blog Tour: Defenseless by Corrine Michaels

My life is a secret.
His life is dangerous.
We’re both stubborn, calculating, and controlling.
Mark Dixon doesn’t know what he’s getting into. He doesn’t know his games could cost us our lives. I have to do what is necessary to keep us alive, and that means guarding my heart.
But I know I’m defenseless against him, and in the end, he’ll force me to surrender.

Meet Mark Dixon in Defenseless,  the newest contemporary romance from Corinne Michaels!

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I started reading Corrine Michaels when she published Consolation/ Conviction. I immediately kicked myself for not reading her previous work and vowed to read anything she publishes.
Defenseless’ blurb had me dying to read this book. Romantic suspense is becoming one of my favorite genres. And Corrine NAILED it. Charlie and Mark had amazing chemistry and I just didn’t want the book to end!

Charlie is undercover agent and Mark is a navy seal. The alpha personalities were loads of fun to read. The banter, the sexual chemistry just jumped off the pages. The sex was off the charts and I couldn’t get enough of this couple.

There came a point in the book where the plot took off and putting the kindle was no longer an option. I was glued to the story. There were even times that I got a little emotional. Charlie really was a fantastic heroine that had me inside her head and I felt every emotion she did. Mark was just plain and simple HOT. He was strong and alpha but so kind and loving. He’s up there with the rest of my book boyfriends.

Definitely read this book. I think at the end of the year (yes I know it’s January) this book will still be in my top ten of the year. I loved it!!   

Defenseless by Corinne Michaels has it all -- a strong heroine readers connect with, a sexy hero you can't get enough of, and a story that I couldn't put down. This is the perfect book for anyone who has been struggling with the all too popular book funk.

I started reading Defenseless while in a book drought. Books weren't capturing my attention and making me want to binge read like usual, and I worried that Defenseless would fall victim to my slump. I've read and enjoyed Corinne Michaels' work before so I hoped she would be the author to snap me out of my mood.

Defenseless was fantastic! It had aspects that were familiar to what she's written before (strong heroine, irresistible hero), but the story was unique and unlike her other novels. I was swept away into this fictional world, and I never wanted to leave. The chemistry between Charlie and Mark made their relationship come alive and I bought in to their potential happily ever after. However it was the element of suspense and the beautifully written story line that made Defenseless an undeniably amazing read.

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All rights reserved.

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“I made you a promise, Charlie.” Mark’s already deep voice is layered with desire.
Once again, my control begins to slip. “What’s that?”
His hands drop a little lower beside my head. His lower body shifts so his knee is between my legs. I feel his arousal against my thigh.
My traitorous body shows its own awakening. My nipples hardening through the silk material don’t go unnoticed. Heat pools in my core and my breath hitches. I want him. There’s no use denying it.
“I told you I’d kiss you again. If you don’t stop me now, there’s no getting away.”
I should stop him. I need to stop him. There’s no way in hell it’s going to happen, though. I’m craving his lips again.
He gives me one second before he crushes his mouth against mine. His entire body shifts forward, and now I’m trapped. There’s nowhere to go. Nowhere to move that’s not Mark. He takes every part of my mind and body. Our hands roam each other as his tongue slides against mine. Passion ignites between us; it sets the room on fire. His fingers cup my neck and then glide down the front of my dress. His hand brands my skin as he takes his time exploring the open skin between us.
My fingers grip the lapels of his tux, holding him, molding him to me. I can’t get close enough. Our mouths stay fused as we both lose control.
Then my mind snaps.
I push back and my hands fly to my lips. They’re swollen, bruised from the force of the kiss. His hands brace against the wall. I keep my eyes downcast. I can’t believe I just did that, against the damn wall, at a ball commemorating my father.
I shift my dress, rake my fingers through my hair, and pull myself together.
“Charlie . . .” Mark finally speaks. It sounds like shouting even though it’s only loud enough for us to hear.
“That was the last time that will ever happen,” I say with no tremor to my voice. “Tonight we become partners. It’s not about whatever this is.” I shift my hands between us. “It’s about finding the information we’re both searching for.”
“And what if we find something else?”
“We shut it down. There’s no room for feelings in this world.”
Mark pushes back, giving me space. I instantly feel cold. “Okay, then. Have it your way.”
This is what I wanted, what we both need, but suddenly I wish it wasn’t. I wish I could pull him close, kiss him, fuck him, and just feel.
But wishes are for little girls.

Corinne Michaels is an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.

Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn’t ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha Navy SEALs are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.

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