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Redeem Me: Oakville Series ~ Book Four by Kathy-Jo Reinhart

Redeem Me: Oakville Series ~ Book Four
Kathy-Jo Reinhart

* This book can be read as a standalone *


Can opposites really attract? 

Chelsie Amell is a shy wholesome girl looking for the forever kind of love. 

Angel Walker is a guilt ridden man whore who is not capable of love.

Both are wildly attracted to each other, but do everything in their power to fight it. 

Will their pasts leave a barrier between them they can't cross? Or will they climb it together and over come it all? 

To say that I am truly vested in this series is probably an accurate was to explain my love for this book.  I have loved it from the first book with Kyle and Amber.  I was looking forward to reading about Angel and Chelsie, but I didn't really think that I could love any other couple in the series as I did Kyle and Amber.  I think that Kathy may have proven me wrong in that area.

I think that I did not really know all that much about Angel and just saw his at the man whore that he was portrayed as in the first books in the series.  He was not really a main character, but a back ground to help with the story.  Angel is anything but that background character and you are shown that over and over throughout the book.  Chelsie also did not have much to do in the other books and all I really knew about her is that Angel thought that she was hot and that she was "off limits" to him as other characters the series have told him.  He took that warning and threw it out the window.  He knew that he was head over heels in love with her, but do to his past felt that he was not good enough.  
That is where Kathy is so good as a writer. She takes the reader through the ups and downs of the characters life and shows them as real people.  You feel what they feel and you at times are laughing with them, crying, or feeling the amger that they are,  She has grown so much as a writer and the character development of each character shines though.  They are not just words on a piece of paper, but part of your life for the short time that you have with them,

Angel is the tough guy with a heart of gold.  He is not perfect and you know from the beginning that this man that has never had a relationship is going to screw up.  What you have to wonder is how much is Chelsie willing to deal with and how far will she go to make him be that man that she knows that he can be,

What I love about this book is that you see that family is more then just blood.  You can have a close knit group that is just as bonded and the family that you are born into.  This gang is amazing and love each other with all that they have.  The stick together and let you know when you have majorly screwed up.  At the same time, there is that bit of evil factor that is needed to make the book flow.  Yes, the author may have gotten a message from me say "I hate you" and "I despise you"  She also may have gotten one that said " You are forgiven, for now"

That being said, Angel and Chelsie are probably my favorite couple at the moment.  They love and fight and are real life.  Not just some made up couple that you see in some books. It says that this is a stand alone, and I can see where it is.  However, if you read this first, you are doing yourself an injustice.  This book will be so much better once you are committed to the other characters in the series.  Trust me on this one.



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*This book can be read as a standalone*


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