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Our Time by Gina Sheldon

Title: Our Time
Author: Gina Sheldon
Series: The Rub Down Series, Book Two

Unspeakable Devotion

Fall in love with his best friend's sister? Danny Tortelli took care of that years ago.
Protecting and caring for her became his sole purpose the day her life was rocked to the core. His ultimate goal was to show her how a real man loved a woman. He only had to bide his time.A guy like Danny didn't give up on what he wanted, and what he wanted was Elle.

Unforgettable Damage

Fall in love with her brother's best friend? Elle Stratton had buried her love for Danny for years. Damaged by her decisions and scarred by the baggage of her past, she believed she didn’t deserve him. Self doubt blinded her to how he felt. After all, he’d seen her at her ultimate worst and witnessed the disaster of her life as it unfolded. Why would he want her?

Unimaginable Desire

He refused to wait any longer to prove a future with him was more than a possibility.
She was stuck in events of the past. His hardest task was peeling back the layers of her self-preservation. Her biggest challenge was accepting someone could love her.
Their time had come, and no one would stand in his way.

Can be read as a standalone.

 Our Time is the sophomore novel from author Gina Sheldon and the second book in her Rub Down Series. Our hero and heroine were introduced in the first novel, The Rub Down, and now it's Danny and Elle's turn to tell their story.

Oh these characters. Oh this story. Our Time is a friends to lovers story about a girl who has feelings for her brother's best friend and a guy who has feelings for his best friend's sister. At the same time, Our Time is so much more than that. Nothing could have prepared me for the depth of heartache and angst I would experience while reading this novel.

Elle's character challenged me throughout the book. In moments of immaturity or naivety, I wanted to scream at her to grow up. How silly because in those moments she was nothing more than a girl who had just stepped into adulthood. Other times, my heart weighed heavy with her regret and turmoil. I've never experienced the kind of loss she's endured or the aftermath and consequences that comes with that kind of loss, but Sheldon's words forced me to experience the guilt and self-loathing.

I am itching to spill the beans on the secrets within this plot, but I want readers to be blindsided like I was. What I will divulge is this -- Our Time is full of unexpected challenges and twists coupled with a beautiful romance that blooms and grows with each passing chapter. There's a balance between the darkness and light that makes this something every reader can enjoy. This is Danny and Elle's story, but their lives are intertwined with Luke and Alexa's (from The Rub Down), so we get insight into what's happening in their world as well.

Gina Sheldon has written another treasure with her second release. The Rub Down made me a fan of her writing, and Our Time only set the bar that much higher. She tackled some serious content in The Rub Down and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone with the skeletons in Elle's closet. Sheldon isn't afraid to create characters with atypical flaws and faults, but does it with finesse so any reader will enjoy the story. Pick up Our Time today and discover the beauty in Danny and Elle's story!

As we raced to the hotel, my heart pumped as fast as my legs. The cold air provided little relief for the heat rushing through my body. Inside the lift, Danny pinned me against the back wall. His hands braced my face, and his erection dug into my hip.

“There’s nothing in this world I want more than to sink deep inside you and finally claim you as mine.”

Before I could respond, he pecked me on the cheek and moved as far away as possible. “Then why are you all the way over there?” I closed the space between us, stretched on my tip toes, and rubbed my nose across his cheek.

“There’s no way I’m taking you in an elevator with security cameras recording your first of millions of orgasms with me. Those are for me and me alone.”

Gina Sheldon is a devoted wife, busy mom of twin girls, and the proud owner of a small business. She often travels the very streets of Boston she writes about in her debut novel, “The Rub Down.” One thing she refuses to leave home without is her Kindle. Their relationship borders on obsessive. As a beta reader and blogger, Gina shares her love of books with others, and her love of words has now carried her into the field of self-publishing. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found surrounded by family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or both.

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