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Covertly Strong by N.A. Alcorn Blog Tour

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Covertly Strong

Book One in The Strong Series

By: N.A. Alcorn
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She can track down the world's most dangerous drug lords, hack into any computer, and kill a man in fifteen different ways—but when she comes face-to-face with the only man who’s ever held her heart, it might be her most dangerous mission yet... Or is it? Sloan Walker. Dr. Felicia Santora. Agent L-55. Three very different personas, three very different names, but all have one thing in common. They’re all controlled, acted out, and lived by one woman. Her past has been long forgotten. Ten years have gone by since someone remembered the girl she used to be. The young girl with the big-brown eyes and beautiful dreams of happiness, dreams of love. She now lives a clandestine life. A life filled with top-secret missions and covert assignments. Only a handful of people know the true nature of her job. Her safety is constantly being pushed towards the brink of life-threatening danger. Then one day someone unexpectedly steps back into her life… A man who once owned her mind, body, and soul. A man who held her heart in the palm of his hand. He remembers. He knows. And this knowledge could threaten everything she’s worked so hard for. Nixon West is as intelligent as they come and his Navy SEAL training has made him one of the most dangerous weapons in the United States Military. The moment she reappeared into his life he promised himself that he wouldn't let her go. But the true question is…what extreme lengths will Nix go to for her? She will soon face another mission. And it will test everything. Time never seems all that important until your life hangs in the balance. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…

Covertly Strong is a story about a second chance at a first love that’s full of heart ache and suspense. This is a new genre for N.A. Alcorn. I absolutely loved her Infamous series and was excited when I read the blurb for Covertly Strong. I couldn’t wait to read it and was not disappointed. 

Sloan Walker is the daughter of Naval Officer who was newly stationed in Hawaii.  It’s there where Sloan finally feels at home, feels like herself. One day at the beach she sees him….Nixon West. From that day forward her life is changed. She knows she met the person she was meant to be with. Then the news comes in and it’s time for the Walker family to relocate. Sloan and Nix promise to stay in touch and be together again one day. Things happen, moves take place and they lose touch. Both try their best to move on but never forget the love they had for one another. 

Fast forward 10 year and Sloan is living a completely different life then she ever imagined.  She is an undercover CIA agent working as a plastic surgeon. She has still never forgotten about Nix. Nix has become a very successful Navy Seal. He lives, eats, and breaths being a Seal and is very proud of what he has accomplished. He has tried to forget Sloan, tried to move on but was never successful at it. 

Then it happens. He sees her again and all of his feelings come running back, only it isn’t her. She is going by another name, Dr. Felicia Santora.  He puts everything he has into getting her back in his life. Sloan remembers everything, the feelings, the love but she is afraid to let him back in because he can’t really know the truth behind her career. 

Sloan and Nix’s story is full of suspense, love, and heart ache. Let me tell you Nix can swoon the panties right off of you. He is everything you look for in a male character of a book.  He is sweet, caring, protective, strong, and just a little bit of bad boy thrown in there. I think one of my favorite parts about this book that it wasn’t insta-love. They had a past that helped bring them together. I’m really looking forward to the 2nd book in the series. I have an idea who it’s going to be about and I can’t wait to see that story play out. 

I love anything that N.A. Alcorn writes. She could write a manual on watching paint dry and I would love it. Her style flows so well. Covertly Strong is not like her previous books. This one is completely different but it proves how strong of an author she is. She can write on two different spectrum’s and they are both fantastic. 

Covertly Strong is the story of Sloan Walker and Nixon West. It follows their long journey through life and love; and what a journey they have. I love their love story.

Sloan Walker aka Agent L-55 aka Mellie works undercover for the CIA. She is a bad ass female lead. She takes no shit from anyone and commands a room. She is loyal to her job and doesn't date. She had her one true love and that didn't work out. No one compares to Nixon West. Sloan met Nix while her family was stationed in Hawaii. She was at the beach with her friends when she laid eyes on him.

"Only one guy in particular stood out. His wet, brown hair was brushed back from his face and a fierce expression encompassed his entire demeanor. He called to her like a beacon-pulling her entire awareness, stealing every aspect of her focus."

Nix is HOT. I understand why Sloan loved that man so much. He quickly moved up the chain of my top book boyfriends. I would say he is so amazing that he rival's Kellan Kyle. This man is hands down, perfect. There is no better way to describe him other than perfect. Nixon is part of the elite SEAL team. He does the missions that only the top of the top can do. He doesn't really date either. He lost the one person that was his entire world and knew that no one would every compare.
Sloan and Nix's love story started on that beach. It was more than just a typical high school romance. Their love was real. They thought they would be together forever. That was until her family got transferred to Italy.  Vowing to write and stay in touch as much as physically possible they dated long distance. I loved reading their letters to each other. They were so sweet and personal. It made me really feel their love. Then all of a sudden it stopped. My heart broke for both of them because neither could understand why.

Fast forward ten years later. Sloan lives her life day in and day out being guarded and doing whatever is needed of her for her work. She can't let anyone know that her real name is Sloan Walker. She doesn't even know who Sloan Walker is anymore. She is Dr. Felicia Santora and she does charity missions all over the world to help children with facial deformities; all while getting covert information needed for the CIA.  Even though she hasn't been Sloan Walker for a long time she still holds on to the memories of what life was like when she was her, when she was with Nix. She has held on to the very last letter she ever received from Nix.

"It's not just any letter, but a letter that reminds her of a love that was so strong-so deep- that she'll forever be reminded of the boy with the gorgeous blue eyes and contagious smile."

Fate has a way of bringing together two people back together that even though so many years has passed are still each others only one.

"Despite the distance-the time that passed-my heart was always loyal to you."

 If you think that their love story would be easy after they reconnected you are far from wrong. Every relationship has obstacles and this one is no different. I believe that those obstacles only make each person stronger.

"LOVE IS WORTH THE RISK-it's worth everything."

"Our love is perfect Meli. Me and you together? Fuck, baby. There's no obstacle that could stand in our way because with your mouthful of sass and my huge...ego, we can handle anything."

Covertly Strong is full of romantic letters, lost love, suspense, and two people who could not be more perfect for each other. Their love story is unique. It is one of love and loss and the way they find their way back is heart-warming. The feels you get from reading this book are off the charts. If you want a HOT Alpha male, a beautiful love story, and enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat then this is the book for you.

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