Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Remembering Everly Release Day Blitz

After a stunning cliffhanger ending in Forgetting August, USA Today bestselling author J.L. Berg delivers the happily ever after that fans have been waiting for in the sequel, REMEMBERING EVERLY.

After two years in a coma, August Kinkaid has forgotten the darkness in his past. But his past hasn't forgotten him. His beautiful former fiancée, Everly, remembers every tumultuous moment of their stormy relationship. The sizzling passion. The web of lies. And the terrible secret Everly's been hiding since her last fateful night with August.

Now the truth is out and August remembers everything. As his long-buried memories come flooding back, he begins to understand why Everly would want to move on with her life. Why she would give her heart to another man. And why August should try to forget her once and for all.

But he can't give up on the only woman he's ever loved. Even if he has to reopen old wounds—and face the darkest demons of his past—August will do whatever it takes for a second chance with Everly. He let her slip away once. He's not about to spend the rest of his life remembering Everly when he could be holding her in his arms forever…


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After the cliffhanger from the first book in the series, I expected firework, angst, and tears to be flowing in this book, and I got just that. Wow!  I waited a very long time for this book to come out, and it was worth the wait.

When we last saw August and Everly she was trying on wedding dresses and August showed up to tell her that he remembered everything (if you don't have a clue what I am talking about go and run and get Forgetting August now).  What I assumed was happening pretty much what was going on.  August was trying to protect Everly from the mess that was his life before the coma.  He was just as in love with her as before, just protecting her.  Aww- don't we all wish that we had that one person to believe so much in their love for us that they will go out of their way to push us away.

So I don't want to give away too much in the story, so I am going to try to just give my view without actually giving anything away.  First off, in my head August is pretty hot.  Dark hair, a little scuff on his chin, tall...you get the point.  I can see him that way as I read the story and want to root for the underdog.  Yes, August is the underdog.  Actually him and Everly are both underdogs, but I think a little more for August.  He may have been a total jerk before the coma, but he is working hard to right the wrongs that he made before.  He puts his life on hold to make sure that happens (insert Aww again). Along the way, Everly is also going through the motion of her life.  We know that she is suppose to get married, but is she in love with her groom or just doing what she thinks is best?

Angst is very prominent in this book.  There are lots of twists and turns along the way.  I am not usually one for angst, but I needed to know what was going on, so I put up with that feeling of anxiety throughout the book.  In the end, it was the way that it was suppose to be and was the perfect ending to the story. 

They had the ability to destroy lives, obliterate relationships and sabotage even the strongest partnerships. Big or small . . . it didn’t matter. Even the tiniest white lie had the power to corrode—to shatter and dismantle everything you loved.
I’d carried a secret so big, for so long that sometimes I felt physically weak from its weight. I had thought I could carry its burden to my grave—that eventually its truth would die along with me.
But secrets never die.
They live on far longer than we do, and they always find their way to the surface.
Mine certainly did.
Sitting alone in the apartment I shared with my fiancé, I gently rolled the smooth green stone between my thumb and forefinger, over and over, remembering the day it was returned to me.
In all our years together, I’d never seen August so cold. So lifeless.
It frightened me to my core.
But I still hadn’t told anyone. It had been three days and I had yet to tell my fiancé or best friend about the events that had taken place in that bridal shop. As far as Ryan and Sarah knew, August had rudely interrupted my bridal appointment to tell me he had his memories back—that was all.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Why hadn’t I elaborated? I didn’t want to admit my shame. I couldn’t share this secret, my darkest lie. What would they think of me? I was the reason August had been in that hospital bed for two years. And the worst part? I’d lied about it—to everyone.
Even those closest to me. Even August. I was the worst kind of human.
I knew Ryan would tell me the opposite. He would comfort me as I told him the truth, holding me as I shared my story about the awful truth from that night.
There was no mugger. 
There was only me.

Author J.L. Berg is a California native living in the South.  She is the author of the self-pubbed Ready series. When she's not writing, you can find her with her nose stuck in a romance book, in a yoga studio, or devouring anything chocolate.


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