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Release Blitz and Reviews: Some Sort of Happy (Skylar and Sebastian): A Happy Crazy Love Story by Melanie Harlow


Some sort of Happy is LIVE!

Skylar Nixon is a twenty-seven year old failed actress with no Plan B. After a humiliating stint on a reality TV show crushes what’s left of her childhood dream, she finds herself back in her hometown with no money saved, no college degree, and no confidence she’s anything but a joke—a small town starlet who couldn’t hack it in the big city.

When she runs into former classmate Sebastian Pryce, she can’t believe the hot body and chiseled jaw belong to the shy, troubled loner she knew ten years before. He’s not exactly friendly at first, and she’s heard the rumors about his tragic past, but something in his sad eyes intrigues her. She only wants to get to know him better.

Until the night she wants more—and takes it. (Hard and deep. Twice.)
Are they just two lonely people seeking solace? Or can a disgraced beauty queen and flawed, frustrated man find some sort of happy ever after?

**SOME SORT OF HAPPY is a full-length, dual POV novel, complete with a happy ending.**



Since I love all Melanie Harlow books, I went into reading this one blind. I had no idea what to expect and I was floored by the story she gave us. The Frenched series is light and funny but Some Sort of Happy was a bit heavier, not as many laughs and more emotion and heart. But it was still the same amazing writing.

Skylar is a great character. She has doubts that I think can relate to. I know I did. She was smart, funny and beautiful but thought she lacked confidence. Skylar was not whiney about it where the reader just wanted her to shut up. On the contrary I wanted to give her a huge pep talk and get her to see how amazing she really was.

Ms Harlow gave us a great Hero in Sebastian. Sebastian suffers from OCD and his character was so real that I just loved him. Watching him struggle was hard and I just wanted to put him in my pocket and take care of him.

Watching Sebastian and Skylar’s journey was beautiful. They brought out the absolute best in each other and grew as people as well as a couple.

Some Sort of Happy was really a beautiful love story and I think Melanie Harlow did an amazing job with a difficult topic. I am interested to see what is next for Sebastian and Skylar. And I hope that Skylar’s sisters get a book too. 

Melanie Harlow knows how to deliver a dynamite story with characters you can't help but adore. Some Sort of Happy is the first in a new series of stand alone novels from this author, but features aspects of her writing that readers have come to love. 
On the exterior, Sky is stunning. This beauty queen has always dreamed about making a name for herself, but her best efforts have fallen short. Her latest fail has landed her back in her hometown with the title of town pariah. Despite playing the bad guy on reality TV, the real Skylar is genuine and has vulnerabilities. Fate reintroduces her to former classmate, Sebastian, and the chemistry sizzles.
I went into this novel blind and came out pleasantly surprised. I'm a fan of everything Melanie Harlow writes, so I had high expectations for Some Sort of Happy. She didn't disappoint. Sky's struggles were something readers could relate to and only made me want her to find her balance that much more. Who hasn't found themselves at crossroads in their professional and personal life at some time? Everyone has lofty dreams but not everyone has the tools to achieve them.

I also loved the dynamic between our hero and heroine. The romance and sexual tension was palpable and something readers will enjoy. I'm also a sucker for a second chance romance, and I really loved Sebastian. His flaws and obstacles were unique and something I've yet to come across in a hero. The adversities these characters faced may be quite different, but they have both found themselves on the outside of the social norm and that bond solidified their connection beyond just physical attraction.

Some Sort of Happy was lovely. It proved that sometimes all you need to find happiness are the foundations you forge with the most unexpected people. I can't wait to read what Harlow comes out with next from the supporting characters in this story.

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Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her lipstick red, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she's not reading good books, she gets her kicks from TV series like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex, Deadwood, Mad Men, and Downtown Abbey (although she wishes it were more HBO and less PBS). Melanie is the author of the FRENCHED contemporary romance series (FRENCHED, YANKED, FORKED) and the sexy historical series SPEAK EASY (SPEAK EASY, SPEAK LOW), set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

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