Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: Wrecked and Yours by CeeCee James


What could drive best friends apart?
Once Miranda, her little sister Cassie and Jason were inseparable—homeless teens standing together against the rest of the world.

But those days are long gone.

Unable to deal with the ghosts of her past any longer, MirandaTemple abandons her life and everyone she knew, determined to carve a new identity.
She thought nothing could make her go back, but when her beloved younger sister Cassie is in a car accident, she discovers she was wrong.

As Cassie fights for her life, Miranda has to try to pick up the pieces of the destruction she left. And face the inner turmoil she’d always tried to deny before it permanently destroys any chance for happiness.

Jason swears his friendship with her is ruined. But as Miranda and Jason worry about Cassie, they start to rediscover each other and learn how to forgive. But with so many scars separating them, can they learn to trust each other again?

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read for me and not too heavy as the synopsis would suggest. The author infused the heavy with doses of light-hearted fun. She found a great balance. The story also included flashbacks of when the characters were homeless teens and had to rely on each other to get through. Again, well balanced. If not done well, flashbacks, for me, can start feeling confusing or just bring the story down.

Miranda and Cassie ran away from home after their father died. They didn't know how to survive on their own, just that they had to make it to Seattle where Miranda would be able to, hopefully, find a job. It is on their way there that they meet Jason, another homeless teen. Jason possesses the skills and knowledge to make it and he welcomes the girls into his fold. The three form an unbreakable bond.

When things finally seem stable and happy, tragedy strikes the trio and it seems like the last straw for Miranda. She leaves. Years quickly pass until she has to return home to Jason and Cassie. Cassie is in a coma and barely hanging on to life. Jason and Miranda are forced to confront the past in order to move forward, and all the while, new feelings arise.

I really liked the characters in this story. Miranda was forced to be a grown up at too young of an age, and she just snapped. She needed to be allowed to live her own life. Jason was a rock. His love for Miranda is evident in the way he handles her. Cassie is the glue that holds Jason and Miranda together. She is the youngest and they both take care of her. They would do anything for Cassie, even confront the past.

I kept looking at the percentage in the corner of my Kindle, and kept thinking, there isn't enough time for the things that need to happen. I thought, "Oh no! Cliffhanger!" However, the author did wrap up the story and I'm happy to report there is no cliffhanger. I did feel that maybe it was wrapped up too quickly, though. I would like more of Miranda and Jason and their new relationship. I just felt that there could have been more for them. But, hopefully that is another book. 

My name is CeeCee. Wife, mother, writer, friend. Survivor. The story about overcoming strife is one that resonates with me. I lived it myself. My Ghost No More series is about my own journey moving from fear to hope. Wrecked and Yours is my first venture into fiction. It's a story about three homeless kids, and how they navigate life. As adults they reconnect, and it’s messy, like life often is. It’s their season to make a choice, look at life honestly and deal with it, or continue to run away.  I absolutely loved writing it.
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