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Release Day: My Kind of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

My Kind of Forever Release Day Blitz
Happy Release Day to Heidi McLaughlin and My Kind of Forever! Check out an excerpt from the book below and make sure to enter the giveaway!! Good luck! #LiamAndJosieForever

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Liam Page knows music and a life of solitude, but that all changed when he returned to Beaumont.

The once notorious bad boy lead singer of 4225 West is now living the domesticated life with his wife and high school sweetheart, Josie, and their son, Noah.

Life is good for the Westbury family, until Liam is called back to Los Angeles and the place where it all started for him.

Liam and Josie’s story continues in this last installment of The Beaumont Series.


MKoF teaser

The way the mirror on my dressing table is angled gives me the perfect opportunity to watch Liam undress. This is my favorite ritual, morning and night. I’ll take the chance anytime I can to watch him methodically peel off his clothes. He’s a man who unties his shoes first, placing them back on the shoe rack. His socks are next, followed by his shirt. My peeping tom ways are often rewarded when he’s wearing a dress shirt. Not only do I get to watch the muscles in his back flex as he pushes each button through the ridiculously small hole, but his undressing is prolonged. He takes his t-shirt off the same way every time and when he pulls the collar from behind and the shirt slowly lifts inch by inch, my mouth waters. My lips become dry and my knuckles ache from my hand clutching my hairbrush. The clank of his belt buckle and the almost too silent pop of the fabric from his button down jeans have me staring intently into the mirror. My make-up is only half off, my mouth wide open and I’m the picture of someone who needs serious help. And let’s not get started on the way he gets dressed... His jeans drop to the ground and he kicks them aside, depriving me of the chance to watch him bend over to pick them up. I find myself leaning into my vanity to get a better look as his thumbs dip into the waistband of his boxer briefs. Men find women's lingerie sexy and appealing. It turns them on. The look and feel teases them and they love it. I never thought about men in their underwear until I saw Liam in his. Over the years he’s maintained his muscles, yet has a more defined physique. His boxers aren’t sagging in places they shouldn’t. My husband could be an underwear model with his form fitting briefs, although I don’t know if I’d want the world to see what he only shares with me. The cotton fabric pools at his feet. He steps out of them and turns around, showing me his naked body... a body only for my eyes, my hands, my lips and any other part of me. “How long are you going to stare at me?” I swallow hard as my eyes flash to his and a wicked grin plays across my lips. “Until my eyes no longer work,” I tell him. “Or until you tell me to stop.” “Hmm that’ll be never,” he says as he walks near me.
Heidi did a fantastic job rounding out The Beaumont Series with My Kind of Forever.  She took us back to my favorite couple, Liam and Josie.  You’ll get to hear what the others are up to but the story is based around them.

Liam and Josie have had a lifetime worth of problems to deal with.  You would think they would be given a break but honestly that’s not how life works.  Liam’s past is a very big part of this story, one that you will learn first-hand from Josie and Liam himself.  YES, that’s right, the story is written in dual point of views!  You will also read some from the point of view of someone who is bound to destroy everything Liam has worked so hard to build, meaning things are about to get heated in Beaumont.  Liam knows he needs to get back to L.A. if his band 4225 West is going to remain in the spotlight.  With the guys staying in Beaumont the fan base has dropped and no one is talking about them.  Will he go back to L.A. knowing Liam Page is very different from the Beaumont Liam Westbury?  Either way, if he stays in Beaumont or if he goes back to L.A., the Beaumont gang is getting ready to be shaken up.

I loved this series completely, from beginning to end.  Heidi is a wonderful writer and never leaves you disappointed.  I will never not want more of the Beaumont gang.  Writing this review was bittersweet because I loved the experience of following these characters throughout the series but sad to see it all end! Heidi if you want to bring them back, I’m all for it!

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Heidi is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.

Originally from Portland, Oregon and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell, Buttercup, and their newest addition of a Highland Westie/Mini Schnauzer, JiLL.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she's writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting courtside during either daughter's basketball games.

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