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Her by Carey Heywood

Book Title: HER
Author: Carey Heywood
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  October 26, 2013

You know her side of the story, now learn his.

"It was useless. I felt branded beneath my skin by a girl who left without even saying goodbye."

When Will Price was assigned a partner for a sixth grade class project he had no idea she would become his best friend. After years of friendship, she eventually became so much more.  Then, one day she left with no explanation. 

Will’s life shattered right before his eyes and he was left alone to pick up the pieces.  Floundering without her, Will must figure out a way to carry on, to find a way to exist without her. 

Seven years later, a chance encounter leaves him desperate to get her back. He has one week to make her his again.  Not everyone gets a second chance with the love of their life and Will is determined to never lose her again. 

Oh my my. I fell in love with Will Price in Him and my love for him doubled in Her. I could not put Him down and as soon as I finished it I immediately started Her. If you have not read Him you MUST do that first. Her is Him from Will's POV. Her starts off at the very beginning of Will and Sarah's story; where they first meet each other in English class. They are assigned a project together and a friendship is formed.

From the outside you would think Will has it all; good looking, wealthy family, and popular. Once you get to know him though you realize that is not the case. Even though he has all the traits listed above his life is difficult. He lost his sister at a young age and his parents have basically checked out. He doesn't ever feel happy at home. That is one of the reasons he gravitates to Sarah, her family takes him in as their own and him and Sarah just click.

Sarah Miller is the love of Will's life. His soul mate, his everything. She has been in love with Will for years and Will never saw it. He loved her too but was to scared to tell her. I loved seeing his side of the story from when they first got together.

We can't forget about Sawyer. She has some staring roles in this book and I loved every minute of it. Sawyer is type of friend that everyone should have; she is caring, sweet, funny, and would do anything for you. She is also wild and crazy.

I would say 85% of Her is the same exact story as Him, with Will expressing his feelings on the situations. We do get his side of the story from when Sarah left and how he felt. Let me just say it killed me. It gutted me. I felt so bad for him.

At times, it was hard to get through this book because I felt like I had just read the same exact story the day before. There were many parts that were exactly the same with only a line or two different. Don't let this detour you from reading Her though. It gives you Will's side of the story plus you get to see what happens after Him ends. I loved the way everything played out. It was perfect. The ending left me smiling, happy, and I had complete closure.

I didn't think I could love Will Price more but I do...I really really do! He's sweeter, sexier and more wonderful than in Him. Getting his POV was just what I needed.

Her works chronologically from past to present and beyond where we leave off in Him; instead of flip flopping between past and present. All the swoon moments of Sarah and Will finding their relationship all over again had me doubly so reading what was going on on his mind.

Not only was that sweet and tender side of the story which drew you in the first time present, the hot factor was definitely amped up! These two CANNOT keep their hands off each other once they finally reunite and it's crazy sexy!

We also get a deeper glimpse into all Will went through while separated from Sarah for seven years, the partying, the loss of his father, becoming close with the Miller family, and his struggles with his mother's deep depression.

I loved, once again, seeing Sarah and Will find their way back to each other but I loved even more getting that HEA after where the story left off in Him. These two are definitely a fave couple.

Lastly that wonderfully crazy Sawyer makes some appearances and we get a glimpse at who her love interest may be and let me tell you I was a little bit surprised. I guessed two guys and it was neither. Not the one I wanted and not the one I figured it'd be! Now I'm even more anxious for her story.

It's not required but I was going to include my review link on GR for Him (Him, #1) just in case someone hadn't read it and wanted to see how awesome it was. ;)

My 5 star review of Him by Carey Heywood:


                                             Sarah                                                 Will

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