Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review: Good Wood by LG Pace III and Michelle Pace

"It’s the sign of a true artisan when he can create beauty from what others consider trash. It takes heart to use a twisted bit of scrap and make something from it as if it were good wood.”

Somehow Joe survived the unlivable, and now he's just going through the motions. An endless string of one night stands does little to dull the ache from all he's lost. Even though he distracts himself daily with back-breaking work, his violent rage still simmers just under the surface.

Then along comes Molly, the feisty baby sister of his two best friends. Joe hasn’t seen her in years, and he's unprepared for his reaction to her when she falls out of the food truck and into his arms. Molly is still as mouthy as ever, and now she's as delicious as the food she's serving up. It's totally against "The Bro Code", but he just can't seem to keep his hands off of her.

Molly has come back home to Austin to mend fences and feed a whole new crowd. Dealing with Joe's demons doesn't figure into her business model. Something is very different about him and she craves the ‘Old Joe’ she used to have a crush on.

Still, the broody carpenter's swagger is damn near irresistible. And all work and no play makes Molly a cranky girl. 

What a fun and emotional book! I absolutely loved Molly! Like I wanted to be her BFF!! And Joe! I loved that guy. Yes he was a jack ass at times but boy did I love him. Their pasts were trying to best them but they hung in there and to each other.

Molly just moved back home after a failed awful marriage.  She is my kind of girl and loves to cook and serve. She starts an amazing food truck, Wrapgasmic. Parked at her brothers' construction site,  she runs into her old crush, Joe. But now he is a broken man with a past that broke my heart. 

This book was about moving forward and accepting one's past. Taking the limes giving to them and making margaritas! Joe and Molly's journey was humbling to read and such a joy! 

 I can't wait for more of this couple because together they are one of my favorites! Mollywood can't be released soon enough!

L.G.Pace III has spent several decades pouring creative energy into other things besides writing. He began his current journey by telling his two daughters bedtime stories about a magical realm and a hero named Terel. Though that story is still sitting unfinished in the electronic universe he has managed to bring two other stories out of the dark maelstrom of his mind for others to enjoy.

He dwells in the great state of Texas with his wife, novelist Michelle Pace and their children.

Michelle Pace lives in north Texas with her husband, Les, who is also a novelist. She is the mother of two lovely daughters, Holly and Bridgette, and one uber-charismatic son, Kai. A former singer and actress, Michelle has always enjoyed entertaining people and is excited to continue to do so as a writer.

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