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Through Glass by Rebecca Ethington

Rebecca Ethington's Through Glass series is one of my all time favorites. It originally started out as a book series, but the author decided to make it into a novella series. You can find her post about it here. At first I didn't know what I thought about a novella series. I've never gotten into one, so I was a bit on the fence. However, I LOVE these books, so of course I tried it out.

Come to find out, I really, really like these novella series. I thought I hated the cliffhanger, but I've found out I don't hate them as much as I thought; it's the time between books that I dislike. I don't have to wait a year between books with these novella series. Since starting the Through Glass series, I've started a few more of these types of series. If you haven't tried them out, Through Glass is a great one to start with.

In this post, I am going to review the first 3 Episodes of Through Glass. I've tried to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, but there are some slight spoilers as I move to each Episode. So, without further adieu...

No one expects the world to end, for life to change, and for the sunny life you live to turn into horrifying disaster. 

I didn’t. 

But there were signs. 

Signs of what was coming. 

Signs of what was going to happen to us. 

But no one saw. 

No one was paying attention. 

Not until it was too late. 

Too late for morning sunrises. Too late for family dinners. 

Too late to stop the monsters from destroying our world. 

This is the story about the ebony blackness became all we knew. 

This is the story about what happened before. 

This episode is full of normal. This is life before the world went dark, when Alexis, Lex, was just a normal girl in love with her best friend Cohen. Everything is just as it should be. Until the day everything changes.

The author did a great job at giving little clues that something just wasn't right, but she used every day life and young love to push the feelings of foreboding aside. As soon as the darkness came, I was instantly in a state of tension. The author dragged me through each and every emotion that Lex felt. It all became my own.

This is just the beginning of this dark new world. I felt Cohen and Lex’s despair, longing, and fear. This is a great start to this novella series. I can't wait to dig in further!

Everyone remembered the day the sky went black. The day the sun was wiped from the sky. They remember the wind as it brought in the darkness; the way the earth shook and everything changed. 

Everyone remembered the screams as the darkness ate those who were out in the open, those who had surrounded themselves by light, and those who made noise. 

Everyone remembered the voice from the sky and the way food disappeared. 

At least, that's what I hoped. I hoped that there was an 'everyone' that would remember because I am not sure how many are left, how many survived. Or if anyone did. 

I hoped that I wasn't alone. 

I remembered that day. 

I remembered because it was the day I became alone. 

It was the day that everything was perfect until the monsters took it away. Then the house went silent and the birds stopped singing. It was the day when everyone disappeared, everyone except the boy, the only person I have seen in two years. 

The boy I talk to through the glass. 

It's been two years. Two long years since the Ulma came and cast darkness over the world and left a handful of people trapped and alone. Those who fight back or break the rules are turned to ash. It seems that even carefully following the Ulma's rules are not enough to survive. One mistake, one tiny mistake, puts a target on Lex's back and also now involves Cohen.  But it seems she has found a way to fight back and find their freedom and way back to each other. They just have to survive the dark and even worse, the Ulma.
I felt every heart pounding, tense moment of this installment to the series. The author definitely knows how to wrack up the tension and make you live it. You feel single moment in this book; every emotion is so tangible. You want these characters to succeed, because to succeed is for them to live and be together. Again, this is a must read series!

I thought I had lost everything when I watched the monster fly away, taking with it the only thing that mattered. 

I knew I was alone when I took the life of the monster, the monster with eyes that I recognized. 

But I was wrong. 

Because I wasn’t alone. 

There were others, and they found me. 

But they weren’t who they said they were. Now, I will be lucky if I can get out of here alive. 

OMG! I ABSOLUTELY love this series. I don't even know how to write this review without spoiling Episode 2, so I will say beware of this review if you haven't read the first books. There will be spoilers, but I'll try to not give too much away.

Just when Lex and Cohen seem to find their way back to each other, they are again separated. Grrr... So freaking frustrating! I just want them to be together and be able to love each other! On the run from the Ulma, Lex learns how to protect herself. She also learns that she and Cohen aren't the only survivors. In order to find her way back to Cohen, she needs to trust them. The question is are they friends or enemies. Could they be more of a threat than the Ulma?

Again, can I say how much I love these books? They are packed full if so much action and emotion. Rebecca Ethington's brilliance shines through in this series. Get the books. Read the books. Love the books.

You can purchase Through Glass Volume One: Episodes 1-3 on AMAZON.

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