Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Tour Review: Secondhand Heart by Kristen Strassel

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Title: Secondhand Heart
Author: Kristen Strassel
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 10/7/14

Daisy Mangold thought she had her life figured out until a roadside bomb in Afghanistan changed everything. Now a twenty-one-year-old military widow, Daisy moves back home to start over.

Cam Hunter won the reality show The Spotlight, and thought he was on his way to becoming the next big country star. But when whispers of how he won begin to surface, Nashville is less than welcoming. After he loses his record deal, Cam heads back home to open a country bar.

When Daisy meets Cam, she isn’t sure she’s ready to let go of the ghosts from her past. Cam’s ex-wife isn’t ready to move on either, and the tragedy she causes will expose Cam’s secrets and shatter Daisy’s family.

Will Daisy be able to follow her heart into a future with Cam, or will her grief keep her trapped in a past that no longer exists?

This is my first novel by Kristen Strassel and I enjoyed it. The blurb caught my attention and I was excited to read it.
The blurb sounded like it would be a tear jerker since Daisy’s husband was killed in Afghanistan and she was left to pick up the pieces. It was very heartbreaking watching her come back from such a loss. But what I wasn’t prepared for with this book was the laugher. The author has a writing style in which her characters had great sense of humor and the way they spoke and thought was so real. 
I also loved that Daisy was not stick thin with a killer body. I loved that she sadly ate some of her sadness and was more plus size. Cam loves her the way she was and never tried to change her like some of the other people in her life.
Cam is a music reality show winner who lost a record deal and headed back home to open a restaurant. He has a wife he would prefer was an ex-wife who really was a b*tch! She did some things in the book that really shocked me.
Cam and Daisy’s relationship wasn’t perfect and I really liked that in this book. This book was very real and I really enjoyed it. The sex was hot and plentiful which is always a plus for me!
I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a little bit of drama, more laughs and a few tears! 


Kristen shares a birthday with Steven Tyler and Diana Ross. She spends each day striving to be half as fabulous as they are. She’s worn many hats, none as flattering as her cowboy hat: banker, retail manager, fledgling web designer, world’s worst cocktail waitress, panty slinger, now makeup artist and author. She loves sunshine, live music, the middle of nowhere, and finding new things to put in her house.

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