Sunday, October 5, 2014

PreOrder Blitz: Her Master's Teacher by Lily White

She caught my attention the first day I was seated in her class.
Her dark red hair fell in waves down her back and her alabaster skin appeared to sparkle under the lights of the lecture hall I'd admired her from a distance, never speaking or doing anything to draw attention to myself. Each day that I spent watching her in this room, I noticed how her eyes would flick up to me. She was wary of me - frightened - and she had reason to be. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Holland Strong and at 21 years old, I'm the youngest Master within a society of wealthy and influential men. Clair Elliot is my psychology professor in college - that is, at least, until I make her my first courtesan. She believes she knows everything about how the mind works… …and I believe I can prove her wrong.

There is something to be said for an author who not only keeps you engaged in their characters and their characters’ story but can also keep your mind racing to the very last scene. Lily’s writing has captivated me once again with this intense game of cat and mouse…but who the mouse is and who the cat is may not be as simple a thing to figure out, especially when you bring back Her Master’s Courtesan’s Aiden! *le swoon*

When we first meet Holland and Claire, Claire is his teacher and Holland is her student in her psychology class. Claire being a professor of psychology will make her both a strong and dangerous captive. But Holland, already intrigued by his redheaded beauty of a teacher, knows that she is perfect for the order he will fill. Holland isn’t just Claire’s student but Master Aiden’s as well. (Please tell me you have read Her Master’s Courtesan and met Aiden and Rebecca!) Training under Aiden to become a Master quickly changes to a tense situation when Claire is brought into the mix and the relationship between Aiden and Holland becomes explosive. Aiden tends to leave me breathless in how far he is always willing to go.

It was a simple thing getting attached to and falling in love with Claire and Holland. They are both in a precarious situation that left me having minor and major anxiety attacks. (Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated but my stress levels definitely skyrocketed). I eventually got fixated on one idea and wouldn’t let it go like a dog with its bone. When you read a Lily White book, NO ONE IS SAFE, which in turn causes your poor brain to become hyperactive to every move, every turn; every thing you think is trivial may not be and every thing that isn’t, may be…the woman likes to mess with her readers! And I absolutely adore her for it.

Not only is Master Aiden back with his beautifully intriguing Courtesan, Rebecca, but Master Nathaniel is back – who I have some weird fixation on – and he’s back with a very *clears throat* unique Courtesan. We’re also reintroduced to Anthony, another Master, who genuinely surprised me after the roller coaster highs and lows I had just gone through.

Take this journey with Holland and Claire - you won’t regret it.

*Although some may say you don’t need to read Her Master’s Courtesan first, I strongly suggest that you do. Past characters are back and events of the past drive some of the story in Her Master’s Teacher*

Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. Most of the time she can be found wandering around aimlessly while her mind is stuck in some twisted power play between two characters in her head. You may recognize her in public by the confused expression, random mumbling, and occasional giggle while thinking up a scene. Lily's favorite things in life are reading, thinking about reading, buying books for reading....and writing. Her other secret pleasure is meeting with her plot editor in public to discuss her books and watching the shocked expressions of the people around her that don't realize she's talking about a book. When Lily is not reading, writing, wandering or freaking out innocent bystanders, she's sleeping.


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