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Blog Tour: Teasing Hands by Elena M. Reyes


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The hands kneading my flesh into submission are strong, yet gentle. Rough yet tender. His talented fingers dig deep into my naked flesh applying the perfect amount of pressure, bending me to his will. His will which now entices me and burns itself into my every pore, ruining me for any other’s touch—but his. Once a stubborn and independent woman, I find myself wanting to submit; to give him all that I am and power over everything I can be with his guidance. Camden Daniels has a voice full of sin built to destroy my mental walls. The dulcet sonnet of his tone controls my resolve with but a single utterance from his lips: “Undress for me."


Teasing Hands mainly centers around Amanda. She is a college basketball player and is a bit tomboyish. Though her mother supports and loves her, she wishes Amanda would be a bit more feminine. She gets Mandi to agree to a day at the spa. That is where she meets Camden. He is her masseuse. However this isn't actually the first time they have met. They danced and flirted at a club days prior and they both haven't been able to get the other off their mind. Cam takes charge and they enter into a tentative relationship. She wants more, he isn't the commitment type, though he doesn't want anyone else to have her.

Mandi has some growing up to do. She is only 21 and has to really find herself. She never fully let go of her ex who broke her heart two years ago. Slowly, as Cam and Mandi’s relationship goes on, she begins to find herself and her own strength. Cam also needs to let go if his past. He won't commit to anyone because of it, and it puts a stain on their "arrangement," since Amanda wants more.

I really did end up like this book a lot. However, it was hard for me to connect with the story until about halfway. I liked the characters and even connected with them before the halfway mark. I just had a hard time believing in Amanda and Camden's "relationship." Honestly it IS hot sex, but they didn't know each other, not really. They have a weekly appointment to meet every Wednesday at 3:00 to get it on.

Camden was possessive about Amanda from the get go. I had no trouble believing the chemistry and attraction to each other. After a while, though it only gets you so far. They finally start getting to know each other more and spending time outside of the massage room. That is when the story took a turn for the better for me. When Mandi and Cam started making that emotional connection, so did I. Of course it can't be all sunshine and roses. The author delivered a nice dose of heavy emotion. I won't lie. I love a story that makes me cry. Happy cry, sad cry, I don't care. I crave books that effect me in that way. This delivered. With how the book ended and left me feeling.

Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would. As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned. Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn't until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.

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