Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Release Blitz : Scoring Her by Max Monroe

The end of the Billionaire Bad Boy era, the series comes to a close.

From Kline and Benny to Wes and Winnie with Thatch and Cassie in between, spend time with the characters that have stolen the hearts of both each other and readers alike, and meet the men of the upcoming spinoff series Mavericks Tackle Love.

If you'd like to use this "disclaimer" instead of the blurb in an effort to mix things up, we encourage that as well:
Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 early readers claimed some combination of heart palpitations, sobbing, and incoherent muttering about it "not being the end" when coming to the final pages of Scoring Her. Use caution when reading.

*Some evidence suggests the Acknowledgements may lessen the side effects enough to breathe normally again.

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I'm a little torn on this one. I flip-flopped a lot on my rating. I actually feel a little guilty floundering middle of the road. I love the Bad Boy Billionaire series. This group of friends will make you laugh and cry and feel all the feels. It's been such a fun journey with Kline & Georgia, Thatcher & Cassie, and Wes & Winnie. Reading Scoring Her was bittersweet because it was the tie up end to the series. My hesitation with it was the other two novellas were kind of extended Epilogues for the couple from the previous book and to introduce the couple for the next book. So I think I was expecting Scoring Her to be mainly Wes & Winnie. Regardless, I loved all the bows put on each couple's HEA. Scoring Her was charming, sweet, sexy and laugh out loud funny. 

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