Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bitter Rival by J. Sterling


Our families have been at war for generations; a bitter rivalry with no end in sight. All I've ever wanted to do was make wine, but one night with James will cost me everything.

I shouldn't be attracted to him... but I am.

I definitely shouldn't want to sleep with him... but I do.

Is following my heart worth the risk of losing my vineyard and my legacy?

Because in my family, there could be no greater betrayal than sleeping with the enemy.

James Russo and Julia La Bella grew up enemies over a family rivalry that dates back to their great grandfathers. They both have a thing for each other but neither has acted on it due to their father’s strong hatred for each other.  James and Julia both work for their families wineries and compete against each other at tasting events.  Oh, let’s not forget to mention their families are next door neighbors!  How can these two ever stop the family feud when their fathers can fight every day from their front porches?! If you’re looking for a fun, sweet, flirty, quick enemies to lover’s story pick up this book!  Jenn’s writing flows smoothly and she gives you the right amounts of everything.

I was so excited when I found out that we were getting a new book from J. Sterling. I'm a huge fan of her work and couldn't wait to dive into Bitter Rival. Enemies to Lovers is one of my favorite troupes. The thing with this one though is, are James and Julia really enemies? Or is it just their families that are the enemies? 

 I loved both Julia and James in this book. Now grown, they both help run their respective family  wineries. Competitive in nature, they are always trying to top the other at the wine tasting events. There's a twist though, both have been raised to hate the other. The family feud is still alive and well, generations later. What started this feud? Throughout the book I kept trying to figure out what really happened. It added a layer that I really enjoyed. 

So what happens when you're supposed to hate some but you're really attracted to them too? Do you do as your family insists or do you stand strong and go for what you really want? Jenn brings a great novel that will make you laugh, swoon, and keep you hooked until the very last page. Bitter Rival is a sweet, quick read and one that shouldn't be missed. I recommend grabbing a glass of your favorite wine and diving right in. 


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JSterling.jpgMy goal is to write books that you can get lost in and stories that will leave you with a smile and a full heart. If you can forget about the real world while you're reading and fall in love with my characters, then I've done my job. A lot of what I write has real life aspects in it, but that's what makes the stories so relatable- the fact that they could happen to anyone... and have! I live in California with my son, Blake. If you can't find me sitting behind a computer screen, then there's a good chance I'm sitting in the bleachers of a baseball stadium watching him play. I love traveling to new places, meeting my readers and spending time with the love of my life, my very own second chance romance, who inspires me daily. I know you have a million books to choose from and I am humbled, grateful and thankful each time you choose to read one of mine, or tell someone else to read them. Thank you.

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