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Release Blutz: Catalyst be Leighton Riley

Title: Catalyst
Author: Leighton Riley
Release Date: Dec 28, 2015
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For every action, there is a reaction.

People aren’t always who they say they are. Everyone has their secrets. Some are more evil than I ever thought imaginable.

I was left broken and alone after my boyfriend was murdered in my bar.

An old acquaintance moves into Liam’s home and a spark is ignited deep inside me.

Becoming vulnerable made me weak, and I never saw it coming.

When obsession takes over, lies and deceit can be killer.


I started this book without knowing much about it. I got a short blurb, but that is it. The author and title were a mystery to me. I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. What started out as a read that I thought would be 5 Hearts quickly spiraled down to 3 Hearts. 

This story begins with Tinsley mourning the loss of her boyfriend, Liam, who was murdered in a bar that she owns. It has been months, and she (of course) has trouble moving on. He was the one for her. They were planning a future together, but life didn't work out that way. Her best friend, Noah, is there every step of the way to help pick her up and function. She keeps running into an old acquaintance from college named Maguire. He makes her feel again and makes her want to try to move on. 

Like I said, this book started off strong. It sucked me in with lots of emotion and relatable characters. Even though Tinsley was grieving, this book was full of witty dialogue. Then, somewhere about a third of the way through, it started the downward slide (for me). The story got jumpy. We would be in one scene with something going on, and then, it felt like a cutscene and something totally different would be happening. In all fairness, I think that maybe the author did this on purpose. It does tie in with the story, but I found it disorientating.  

Then, there was just too much happening. I kept thinking, "What now!?" There was way too much going on and the resolutions the author offered felt too quick and simple. Then, we are thrown for a total loop and I felt Tinsley was way too forgiving and accepting of what happened. However, the author did write consistently well. The story flowed and the dialogue was easy and fun. I think if the author could have expanded on something instead of making it so quick it would have been a bit more believable. 

Watching movers pack away his things and throw them into the truck is so impersonal. Tossing the boxes into a truck with no thought as to what they are handling. I wish I had the strength to be the one who packed it all away, but I couldn’t. It was hard enough to pack up my things. I moved my stuff out of the home two weeks ago, but the majority of everything in that home was his. 
He was my other half. My soul mate. One morning, we were completely in love and talking about starting a family, and then by nightfall, I had found my boyfriend barely alive in the storage room of the bar I owned. I rode with him as he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, praying he would pull through even though the look on the paramedics’ faces told me otherwise. After what seemed like forever in the waiting room, doctors gave me the news he didn’t make it. The police questioned me extensively, and later that night, I came home to his empty house. From that day on, I have been on autopilot. 
Leighton Riley resides in Dallas, Tx and works in real estate for her day job. She writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Sinfully, Regretfully, and Deceitfully can be read in order or as standalones. Sinfully and Regretfully take place around the same time frame and can even be read in reverse order (will give more background on Payton and Ryder's story). Tate's story, Deceitfully, finishes off the series. She's also the author of the romantic suspense novel, Catalyst.

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