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Blog Tour Review: Anywhere With You (#2) by Britney King

Title: Anywhere With You (#2)
Author: Britney King
Release Date: Nov 11, 2015
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They say opposites attract. For Jack and Amelie, that statement is about as close to the truth as it gets.
She runs from anything that so much smells like love. And, well, as for Jack, he's always been a fan of the chase. Especially where she's concerned.
Which is exactly what happens when he proposes... to accompany her on a cross-country road trip.
A bet is made. True to form, Jack puts everything on the table—while Amelie keeps her cards tucked close to her heart.
The question remaining when it all shakes out—is whether it's possible they can both win?
Will a road trip across the country finally teach them to meet in the middle? Or simply drive them further apart?
This is the continuation of a love story that (like many) was never really over.

I fell in love with Jack and Amelie in Somewhere with You. They are childhood friends who went to camp together after a loved one had died. We saw how their relationship blossomed over the years but timing was never on their side. At the end of Somewhere with You, Jack and Amelie got their act together and were in love and together.

The beginning of Anywhere with You, Ms King tore apart the couple. It was hard to read since we spent so much time wishing for them to get together. The rest of the book followed the two of them as they crossed paths. It was hard as a reader to see Jack and Amelie not together. But it was wonderful to watch them grow as people.

I did wish Amelie made Jack work harder. He pulled some serious a**hole  moves that I’m not sure should have been forgiven.

The writing was good, but I wish we were left with them riding off into the sunset in book one. However, the epilogue was lovely.

Britney King writes modern love stories for mature audiences. She is the author of five novels which have been featured on various bestseller lists and is currently at work on number six.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, five children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat, and a partridge in a pear tree.

In her spare time, you might find Britney running, reading, or spending time utilizing the wonderful venues that make her city great.

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