Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Book Review: Liar by Lia Fairchild

When all you’ve known are lies, how do you face the truth?

My past was a bitch.

Now it’s come back to haunt me. After months apart, Daniel and I are finally trying to make our relationship work. But my lies run deeper than either of us imagined. Lies so terrible I imprisoned them in the darkest recesses of my mind. Just when my heart begins to come alive, the lies seep out of the shadows…revealing secrets with the power to crush me.

~ ~ ~

Despite both of our troubled pasts, I want her…more than I’ve ever wanted anyone or anything. I’m determined to fight for her—to fight for us—even if it means facing my own demons. I have to reach Gray before it’s too late…before the truth completely destroys her.

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Her head turned in my direction and her eyebrows rose before she bent to pull bread out of the oven. This woman would be the end of me if she didn’t stay away from trouble.
“Gray? You know I have to ask. I need to know you’re not in danger.”
She set the bread pan on top of the stove, removed the potholder and walked toward me, eyes narrowed on mine. “I like it when you want to protect me, Daniel,” she said in a silky voice that made my skin blaze. She stopped when we were toe-to-toe. “Come to think of it, that’s when you seem to want to be the closest to me.” Her hand trailed up my arm to my neck. “Maybe I need a little danger in my life to keep you close.”
I reached up and took hold of her wrist and pulled her into me. “Tell me,” I said, commanding her attention. “If this is serious, I need to know.”
“You need to know? Tell me, Daniel. Why do you need to know? What exactly do you want?”
What I wanted to do was put my lips on that little smart mouth of hers and show her just what I wanted. Every part of my body ached to touch every part of hers, but I needed to be patient. I had her number, and I wouldn’t be goaded into sex…no matter how pleasant the thought. I refused to start something I wasn’t yet prepared to finish. First, I needed to make things right.
I grabbed her chin, tugging her face close to mine. “What I want is for you to be safe and happy.”
Her eyes fell to my lips. It took everything in me not to take them right then.
“And what I want…” Her chest rose profoundly, pressing against mine. “…is for you not to burn my damn dinner.”

Liar is a continuation of book one Compulsive. If you have not read it, please do not read any further. Reading this review will spoil some of book one.

Liar starts us off about months after Compulsive ends. Gray and Daniel were off discovering themselves so they could be better for the other. I loved that this was how book one ended. Both the characters needed space but we knew their love for one another was strong. Unfortunately we didn’t see any of this time apart. I think it was key to their relationship yet all we find out about their time apart was that they text one another daily.  And quite honestly, I was horribly confused in the beginning because they immediately were back together.

This book fell a little flat for me. I loved the concept, but there wasn’t enough in the beginning to make this book well rounded for me. There was a big reveal that was pretty terrific but I almost felt a bit of disconnect with Gray while she was struggling with what she found out.

Daniel in Liar was much stronger of a character to me. He really showed how strong he could be for Gray as a man not as her therapist. His love for her really shined through the pages.

All in all I did like this book but I think I was hoping for something bigger for Gray and Daniel. Lia Fairchild’s writing style was great and I will be picking up more books by her in the future. 

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Bestselling author, Lia Fairchild writes women's fiction and romance. Fans of her books praise her endearing, real characters who come to life in stories that will touch your heart.
Fairchild is addicted to the warmth of Southern California and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.
Look for updates on her and her books at http://www.liafairchild.com or follow her on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/#!/liafairchild or Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lia.fairchild.author?fref=ts

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