Thursday, July 31, 2014

Earning Yancy by C.C. Wood

A year after her divorce from her manipulative, sweet-talking ex-husband, Yancy Stevens has settled into life as a single mother to her eighteen month old little girl. She enjoys her work, loves her daughter, and has wonderful girlfriends to lean on. While her life isn’t perfect, she’s finally back in control of it.

There’s just one problem: Charles Faulkner. Her new colleague in the office is arrogant and can’t seem to remember her name. However, it’s probably for the best that he’s a jerk because he’s also the most handsome man she’s ever seen. If she didn’t detest him, she would become a bumbling idiot every time they spoke.

After a heated argument, his attitude toward her changes dramatically and sparks of a different sort begin to fly. Against her better judgment, Yancy takes the risk and gives Charles a chance. As she learns more about him, she truly wants to let go of her past, drop her defenses and try to trust him. It’s a scary proposition for a woman who’s learned the hard way, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I loved this book!  C.C. has great writing style and it always hooks me from the very beginning. Her way of writing is light and funny, with a touch of real life issues. 

Yancy Stevens is still recovering from her divorce from her douche bag husband. On top of having to emotionally deal with that, she also has a daughter that has a serious illness. Yancy is strong though, she handles everything like a champ. While she is lucky enough to get to work from home on most days, there are days when she has to go into the office. Enter Charles Faulkner. Their first real encounter doesn't go so well. 

I loved that moment. It showed that Yancy is not going to take shit off anyone. 

At first I wasn't so sure about Charles but then the further I got in the book the more I LOVED him. He is amazing. He is everything you want in a man and then some. 

This story hit home for me because I was a single mom so I know what it is like to date and go through everything Yancy went through. I mean everything, I went through it all just like she did. Seeing Yancy get her happily ever after just like I did made this story that much better. 

I highly recommend this series. They are great stories that will leave you smiling way after you have finished it. 

A native Texan, C.C. grew up either reading or playing the piano.  Years later, she’s still not grown up and doing the same things.  Since the voices in her head never shut up, C.C. decided to try and profit from their crazy stories and started writing books. Now that she has a baby girl at home, C.C.’s non-writing time is usually spent cleaning up poopy diapers or feeding the poop machine.  Sometimes she teaches piano, cooks, or spends time bugging her hubby and two beagles.

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