Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: Under My Thumb by Abby Reynolds

This is the first novel in the Serenade Trilogy. It is a CLIFFHANGER. If you do not like a novel in a series, this book is not right for you. It also contains foul language, explicit sex scenes, and is only suitable for 18+. 


Prudence sets out with her band to Los Angeles to make it big. Leaving behind London is difficult for her, but not because she fears she’ll be homesick. She’s never coming back. And her brother has no idea. 

After she arrives, she performs one of her first shows. But little does she know, an admirer sits in the audience. She hypnotizes him and draws him in, making him immediately smitten. The obsession starts. 

Cash is determined to be alone with this girl. After extreme lengths to share a quiet whisper, they agree on a spring fling. After the horrible break up Prudence had with her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to be hurt again. Cash’s reasons are still a mystery. 

They spend the summer together, but their romance takes different avenues that Cash didn’t predict. He has a very strict set of rules with his women and he never breaks them…until Prudence. 

And Prudence didn’t think she could trust someone as much as she trusts Cash. There isn’t just a strong physical relationship between them. For the first time, she’s not afraid of another lie being fed to her, another sleepless night, or wondering where he’s been. It’s the only stability she’s ever had. 

After making her way into his heart, Cash struggles with his feelings. He’s been hurt before but can he risk being hurt again? His obsession for his musician grows stronger every day. The idea of her being with anyone but him is soul-crushing. And he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. Has he fallen in love? Is that possible? 

A gripping romance that will make your heart flutter, Under My Thumb is a classy tale of love coming from unlikely places. 


This story is about two broken people, one arrangement, and A LOT of hot sex. Prudence, or Pru, is fresh to LA. She came from London with her band to tour and try to make it in the music industry. Cash is a big shot executive producer, but he doesn't spread that bit of information around.

The chemistry between these two characters is explosive. Their arrangement is simple: no strings, exclusive sex, no lying, and be friends. Simple, right? Wrong! It never is in these books. Of course, feelings develop. Deep feelings. But both of these characters have been burned in the past and are afraid to voice their feelings now.

I thought this was a well-developed story. The author gave the characters a solid foundation when we get glimpses of their pasts. I like knowing what makes characters tick so I can understand them better. Abby did a really good job creating characters that I could easily connect with. This doesn't just apply to the main characters, but all of them. Each and every character contributed to the story and helped bring it to life.

This is a debut novel and first book of the Serenade series by Abby Reynolds, and a very good one at that. It's not overly emotional, but is a quick, light read. My only complaint is that I have to wait until book 2 is out.

Unable to sit still or focus on a single task, I learned at a young age that I was meant to do something that put my entire mind to use. I was always a mimic and did impressions of people in odd places. And that's how my stories began.

But being a great storyteller doesn't mean much when you don't have any listeners. I've been very fortunate to have a fan base that supports my work and encourages me to release sequels. Without all of you, I'd have no purpose. Literally.

My personal life isn't too interesting. My husband is an alpha male that inspires a lot of my novels. He can be pushy and overwhelming at times, but I still love him to the end of my days, especially when I put him in his place. =)

Writing has been a lifelong dream. When I was in college, I was always in awe of the fabulous stories I read. I always said, "I wish I could write something like that someday." But I never thought I would actually do it. Boy, was I wrong.

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