Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spotlight: Sick Day by Morgan Parker

Hope and Cameron made a five-year promise before college. Years pass and they never see each other again. But then one month before his planned wedding to Riley, Cameron looks outside and sees Hope in the pouring rain, watching him. 

Now, three years later, Cam has one day – a sick day on this last Friday of summer – to convince the one woman whose very existence breaths life into his lungs, that sometimes love like theirs actually does exist, and it’s that kind of love that lives forever, no matter how hard you fight to forget about it and move on. 

From the author of non friction and Hope, Sick Day follows one man’s day-long attempt to persuade the love of his life that sometimes it’s okay to break promises if it means keeping the ones that count.

Morgan Parker enjoys reading and writing a great love story. His unique short- 
novel series, Textual Encounters, tells the love story of three unlikely characters, people we don't know whether to love or hate. And his latest novel, non friction, is well, different.

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