Monday, September 8, 2014

Indie Unmasked: The Indy Author Event

When: November 15, 2014

Where: Fishers Banquet Center 9
             775 North by Northeast Blvd. Fishers, IN 46037


What makes the Indie Unmasked event special? For $35 join your favorite authors for an evening of music, dancing, appetizers and drinks! Our event space will be transformed while readers and authors have time for dinner or relaxing and then at 8pm we invite you to return. Our DJ will be playing great music, a bar will be available, refreshments will be served and fun will be had! This event will be semi-formal dress and masquerade attire is encouraged! 

Purchase info: To purchase tickets for the signing and for the Mascaraed Ball go to the Indie Unmasked website for more info.

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