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Blog Tour: His Jar of Hearts by S.P. Cervantes

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Joey McMillian is man that everyone loves. Women fall at his feet everywhere he goes, and men want to be him. Working at the fire department in the small shore town where he grew up, staying close to the only constant in his life, his best friends, has been all Joey thought he wanted in life. While his friends have all found love and started families, Joey bounces from woman to woman, never opening himself up to the opportunity of loving someone and being truly loved in return.

Kat Pierce is a fiercely independent thirty something who knows Joey’s womanizing ways far too well. When she lands a teaching job and moves into her cousin’s house at the shore, she finds herself with Joey more than she would like. There’s always been an attraction between the two of them, but Kat knows better than to act on her feelings. Her heart has been broken before, and she knows Joey is a one way ticket to having it broken again.

Will Joey and Kat find the love they are looking for?

Joey, Joey, Joey. Oh, how I love Joey! I was falling for him in the two previous books, but in this on, I fell all the way. Hard. He is a playboy with the biggest heart and just so sweet. Kat is a great match for him. I absolutely adore them together.
This whole book just made my heart sigh. It's great how we get to see the characters from the previous book. Though they aren't the focus of the story, they are a part of it. I enjoy series like these.
So many times I find characters that I'm not ready to let go. That was the case for this heartfelt series. However, they were there in each and every book. I enjoyed their friendship and how their lives intertwine. This series is one of my favorites for the years. They are definitely a must read!

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Displaying SPCervantes.pngS.P Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children, where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel.

S.P. Cervantes is the author of the highly rated New Adult Romantic Fantasy series Secrets of Shadow Hill. "Always and Forever" and "The Prophecy" are the first two book in the series that are available now. The third book in the series, "War of Wizards" released May 27, 2014.

S.P. Cervantes also has a contemporary romance series, A Broken Fairy Tale, in with the first book of the series, "Dust to Dust (A Broken Fairy Tale)" released March 4, 2014. The second book of the series, "Wished Away" released August, 2014. The third book in the series, "His Jar of Hearts" will release on December 11, 2014.

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