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Menage under the Mistletoe by Eva Lilly

For Claire Matthews disguise now comes as easily as piano performances once did. When a letter shatters the illusion of safety, will she turn to her cop and firefighter roommates for protection, or will she disappear into the winter night as she’s done before?

When his best friend threatens to make a move on Claire, Sean Dalton figures he’d better get over the notion that she’s off limits before he has to stand in line. After a night of blazing passion, he’s surprised to discover he doesn’t mind sharing the woman of his dreams—or himself—with his best friend, Max.

Max Devon warily gives into his desires for his two roommates. This time he vows, he’ll know when to leave the ménage, especially as Sean is on the cusp of getting everything the hero deserves. He’ll stick around long enough to see his two roommates get together.

Claire Matthews paused in the doorway of Guns ‘N’ Hoses’ back room, taking in the dozen cops and firefighters who’d been recruited to pose for a fundraiser calendar. Despite the abundance of bare-chested men, only her two roommates interested her—far more than she was willing to admit.

Sean Dalton posed in front of a cardboard fireplace, a pair of short-skirted “elves” flanking either side. Stripped to the waist of his bunker gear and wearing a red and white felt hat, Mr. December likely made every girl there want to start a fire someplace.

Claire had met him and his best friend, Max Devon, six months ago when she answered their ad for a roommate on the bulletin board in Northwestern’s student union. Her attraction to both guys had been
growing ever since. Unable to choose between them, she’d kept her feelings under wraps. Now, with the news from home, it seemed as if fate had yanked that decision away from her.

While she’d been fixated on one roommate, she hadn’t seen the other approaching. Max wrapped a thick arm around her, pulling her in for a kiss. This wasn’t any friendly peck on the cheek either. His mouth moved against hers, warming her from her lips, which were answering his demand to open and let him plunder deeper, to her toes curling inside her boots.

When he finally broke the kiss after several seconds, she blinked up at him. “Mistletoe,” he answered, holding a sprig over her head. Then he shot her one of his trademark bad-boy grins. At six-three and with dark hair and chocolate eyes, everything about him screamed trouble, right down to the sinful things he did to a pair of jeans and biker jacket. Tonight he wore his policeman’s uniform, which he filled out very nicely and made her wonder what it would be like get a good frisking from him.

Ménage under the Mistletoe was the first book I have read by Eva Lilly. I was looking for a quick read that was different than what I had been reading. This book fit that perfectly.

Claire Matthews has a sad past. Events from her past still haunt her and she was done running. Or so she thought. A letter in the mail from her past will change all that. I understood why Claire wanted to run. If it was me I would want to also, if I thought there was no other way around it. I felt for Claire but then again her character bothered me. It was mentioned how scarred she was, yet things that happened in the book made me think otherwise. The back and forth annoyed me.

I really liked Sean and Max. They are your typical hot fire fighter and cop character. Everything you want sexy officers to be. I liked that Max had some flaws to him. It helped add depth to his character.

This book has a bit of a mystery to it and it made keep flipping the page because I wanted to find out what was going to happen. Is it him? Is she just imagining things? I had to know.

Overall, this book was okay. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. It had it's great parts and then it had parts that needed work. Some of it seemed very childish and forced. Because of this, my rating lands right in the middle. If you are looking for a book that is a quick read, with hot sex, and a bit of mystery then this is the book for you.

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