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The day I found my mother dead was the day I was set free. That might sound harsh but my mother was a drug addict. Had been since I was a baby. Pills were her salvation. Crack was her demise. I should have known though, even dead, my mother’s demons wouldn’t stop chasing me. To the outside world, I’m a normal, twenty something year old woman - brown hair with caramel colored highlights, gray blue eyes and French manicured tips. What they don’t see are the map of scars etched into my skin or the barb wired wrapped around my heart. As the saying goes, it only takes one person to change your life. That person for me was Andrew. From the moment we locked eyes, I was hooked. He was intriguing, a word that doesn’t get used lightly. Men were a dime a dozen, but Andrew – Andrew was special. I could tell in the way he spoke, passionately and without reservation. However, my type and his type didn’t mix. We were bound to explode yet I was powerless to the attraction between us. As our paths merge, secrets are revealed, past bleeds into present and danger lurks on the horizon.   


This story has a little bit of everything from suspense and intrigue to the emotional journey of finding oneself. Haven had a rough childhood growing up and she got out of her mother's house as soon as she could.  Her mother was a drug addict who bounced around from men to men, leeching money from them. Poor Haven was just along for the ride.

Andrew did not have a rough childhood. In fact, the comes from a pretty stable, normal upbringing. However, he had a bad relationship and is a bit standoffish and jaded from it. They see something in each other that they can't deny. When trouble strikes Haven, Andrew is there to be the knight in shining armor. But Haven isn't used to it. She has trouble allowing help. Thankfully, Andrew is pushy and persuasive.

I thought Haven and Andrew were perfect for each other. They let each other be, but at times pushed each other to be better. They really needed each other. There were just a couple of things that I could not connect with in this story. I found them hard to swallow, but I pushed on and was able to move on from them. The story turned out great! I love a story where the characters show growth and this one definitely delivered that. From the great story line to the wonderful characters, the author created a story that sucked me in and didn't let me go until the last word was read.

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Andrew drew closer. Pure male exuded out of his pores, raw and primal. My skin heated as his crotch pressed against my behind. A smile could be heard in his voice when he spoke. “He has five kids and a wife. They run him ragged but he secretly loves it.” “Do you want that?” I whispered. “A family to call your own?” Andrew’s lips brushed against my ear, sending my pulse to skyrocket. I waited with bated breath for an answer I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear. “I thought I did once but not anymore.” My shoulders sagged with relief. Andrew chuckled. “I’m guessing we are on the same page.” This was an oddly intimate conversation to have facing the wall. I spun around and immediately second-guessed my decision. The air in the room grew thick with sexual chemistry as I fought against his magnetic pull. Alarms blared in my head. Roommates with benefits weren’t part of the package. Obviously, Andrew didn’t get that memo though. Captivated by his eyes as clear as a reflecting pool, he brushed a lock of hair from my face. “When I look at you, I see color. Oranges, pinks, turquoise, and deep purples. You’re Technicolor amongst an otherwise bland world.” My breath snagged in my throat. “No I’m not. I’m grays, black, and muted beige.” “One day you’ll see how I see you and that day will be the greatest day of my life because then you’ll know you’re worth more than gold.” His words poked at a raw and vulnerable place hidden amongst the scars. I acted self confident and assured, but it was a ruse. How did Andrew know that? My eyes fell to the floor. He lifted my chin with the tip of his finger. Using his thumb as a paintbrush, he painted the lines of my face. With each feather light touch, the passion in his eyes grew brighter. I could feel myself unraveling, thread by thread until there was nothing left. “Just fucking kiss me,” I growled. As if coming out of a trance, Andrew stumbled backwards. His gaze became unfocused and wild. The cold slap of rejection sunk into my bones. “Forgive me.” Andrew looked at his hands and shoved them into his pockets. “That was uncalled for.” He skittered away before I could say otherwise. My back slid against the wall and I tucked my knees to my chest. Bewildered tears clogged my throat. Anybody in his right mind would have heard the need in my voice, so why did Andrew act like he’d stolen my virginity?  

Nicole SimoneNicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, pen’s character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Los Angeles, C.A with her fat bulldog named Humphrey.

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