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Blog Tour: Charleston Heat by Samantha Garman

Shay Mahone defines the word ‘independent’. While avoiding emotional entanglements, she focuses on her goal of opening her own yoga studio with her best friend, Charlie.
Brodie Davidson is everything Shay doesn’t want: a famous, arrogant drummer who’s never photographed with the same woman twice. He’s temptation and destruction in one sexy, devastating combination.

Though she vows to keep her distance, Shay finds it impossible to ignore the sensual fire between them. Brodie has never wanted a relationship—until he meets Shay. They both must strip away each other’s veneer in order to reveal the person they were meant to find.
Breaking all of their rules gives Brodie and Shay a freedom they’ve never felt. Just when they discover who they really are, the realities of living a public life intrude. Trials and tribulations are nothing new to either of them, but is their relationship strong enough to overcome all that threatens to tear them apart?

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We are first introduced to Shay Mahone and her best friend Charlie.  The first paragraph had me saying “Oh dang, we’re starting out steamy!”, turns out it’s a yoga lesson lol.  Anyway, Charlie and Shay have been best friends for years, Shay adores Charlie and you can tell Charlie feels the same.  Charlie is openly gay and that just makes him all the more fun.  Shay is fiercely independent.  She currently works two jobs as a waitress and accountant and is about to take a third as a naked art model.  Yes a naked art model at a college, it’s a $35 an hour paying job so hey its worth it right?  Shay has issues with her rich mother and how she abandoned her.  She also has an ex named Dean who messed her up pretty bad so she throws everything into work and starting up a yoga studio with Charlie.  Charlie is trying his hardest to put Shay in the dating scene but it’s just not working.  That is until one night during one of her jobs as a server when she meets someone she can’t stay away from.

Brodie Davidson recently moved back to his home town of Charleston after the band he’s a drummer for has taken a break from five straight years of making music and touring.  Brodie is your typical rock star.  He’s hot, cocky, rich and never hears the word no.  He hasn’t been seen photographed with the same girl on his arm more than once.  Now that Brodie is back in town he is attending a charity function, a charity that is close to his heart, Foster Children of America.  Brodie’s date is a Barbie-type, his normal date, he’s having an okay time until a sassy, sexy waitress takes his eye.

These two didn’t waste any time in jumping into something together.  Shay is telling herself no but Brodie seems to be able to make her forget this is not a good idea.  Brodie keeps surprising Shay at each turn. 

“Why couldn’t she have a little fun?  This was just for her.  Damned if she’d let herself throw it all away.  She could do it; she could be the girl that didn’t need a relationship, right?  And when it was over, she’d have her yoga studio with Charlie.  She could throw herself into her work.”

Like I said above Shay and Brodie have an "instant love".  I'm not a huge fan of instant love so this was a bit hard for me while reading.  Everything happens so fast in a month’s time. Being that they really didn't know each other there is a lot of testing go on, mainly from Shay.  Shays a runner and Brodie would chase her.  Funny though because Brodie has a controlling side but yet can't seem to keep her in place.  These two have a lot going on in this short amount of time.  Brodie lives his life in the public eye, a lot of his personal affairs are quiet but Shay's not use to it.  So of course that is going to cause some problems.  Both are hiding secrets of their pasts, this is something they both need to work on and tell one another or there really wouldn't be a need to move forward in their relationship.  

The secondary characters in this book were fun.  Shay's grandmother plays a big role in her life since her father and mother aren't in the picture.  Grandma Marie meets Brodie, has her words and then gives her blessing.  You know right away where Shay gets her personality.  Brodie's band members come around a few times too.  Chuck and Jeremy seem like really great guys and understand Brodie completely.  They accept Shay when they meet her.  We learn about the fourth band member Alex, but don’t see much of him.  Joan is Brodie's PR agent, she was pretty funny, the meeting between the three had me laughing because I could see myself saying those exact things in her shoes.

All in all the book was good.  As I said I'm not a fan of "instant love" it’s never really been my thing but some readers love it.  The story gives you a rock star, a feisty female lead, awesome secondary characters and a few twist and turns!

Samantha Garman currently lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. She loves Scotch, a great conversation with anyone willing to speak their mind and flannel pajamas. While yearning for a backyard and a dog, she’s decided to stay busy working on her next book.


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