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Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel by Nina G. Jones

He was a pig, a jerk, selfish, callous, crude, tactless, prone to outbursts and gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous where you didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that you were staring. I knew the type: His entire life he has coasted on his good looks, artificial charm, and sex appeal. Everyone wanted to be on him or be him. I had been hurt by jerks like him before. He was like those guys but far worse.

I was the unfortunate sucker to be offered a gig I desperately needed as his live-in chef for a Summer in the Hamptons. But I wasn’t like the other girls, the models and socialites who came through the revolving door of his bedroom. I would bite the bullet, take the gig, deal with his sexist comments, his expectation that I would fawn over him, and have no problem letting the door hit my ass on the way out when I was done.

But then something unexpected happened that changed everything and I realized that there maybe more to him than the labels I had affixed to his character. Maybe. But if he really wanted me, it wasn’t going to be easy, not like everything else in his life. He was going to have to work, I was going to make him miserable. He was going to hate wanting me just as much as I hated myself for wanting him back.

Heath Hillabrand: International Supermodel. Womanizer.

Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel.

"Okay, help me up. Will you?"
"Lazy bum," I said giving him both of my hands. I try once, but he doesn't give me any assistance. "Come on, what are you, like six feet, 180 pounds?"
"Actually six-three, 195.”
"Help a girl out. These heels are tough enough with my weight on them in this sand and not an additional two hundred pounds."
"Okay, let's count to three."
"You are so difficult. One, two, three!"
I gave him a big tug, and he stood up with great force at the same moment. Before I knew it I was losing my footing, stepping back into the sand, with Heath's frame falling over me. The sand puffed up like clouds around us. I squinted as the grains rained back down.
There he was: shirtless, warm, his chest pressing against mine with each inhale. We both laughed, a hearty, drunken, laugh. And then, he looked at me, and the way the new moon rested just above his right shoulder in the navy night sky, the smile in his eyes, the mischief in his smirk—In that moment, the holes in my armor allowed for a structural failure. He leaned in, and he placed his lips on mine. They felt like soft pillows; they tasted so fresh. My mouth opened just slightly, and he tugged on my lip with the perfect combination of sexiness and playfulness.
And then our tongues danced.


I have been in a bit of a bunk funk lately. Nothing has really grabbed me and sucked me in. That was, until now. Holy hotness Heath Hillabrand. I am so glad I found this gem. I feel like it has given me my book mojo back.

Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel is the story of Sadie and Heath. Sadie is a chef to the celebrities. Her friend Mindy referred her to sexy cover model Heath who is looking for a chef while he is in the Hamptons for the summer. Sadie dealt with death way before anyone should have to. Her parents were murdered when she was child and she grew up with her grandmother, Nonna. Sadie isn't your typical poor me character. She has a shitty past but she grew from it. She is a strong female character. She is also the person who got royal screwed in her last relationship and refuses to open up to men. She can handle herself and doesn't need a man to do anything for her. I loved this about her. She wasn't a poor poor pitiful me person. She got screwed over, she dealt with it, she moved on. Sadie also has a mouth on her. She holds nothing back and I loved that. There were MANY times I was laughing out loud at the things that would come out of her mouth. 

Heath Hillabrand is a sexy, dirty mouthed, scoundrel. Oh Heath. I loved him. LOVED HIM. He may come across as an egotistic pain in the ass but he is so much more. I loved how his character evolved in this book. At first you may take him at face value and he might annoy you but over time you will fall in love with him. I guarantee it. Heath has a history all of his own and I think that is what made him and Sadie fit together so well. They were both each others missing puzzle piece. 

This book was a great light, fun, sexy as sin, read. Yes, there was some drama and heartache but over all it was a funny read. If Tangled by Emma Chase and Wallbanger by Alice Clayton had a baby it would be Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel. I recommend one-clicking this bad boy. You will most certainly enjoy it. 

I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand I thought the story was really good. It had had a pretty good flow to it and it kept me interested.

Sadie is a personal chef. She lands the job of chef to super model Heath Hildebrand. From the beginning, he is an ass. He is moody, cocky, crude, and pretty disrespectful to Sadie. Despite his attitude. Sadie takes the job. In return Sadie is abrupt, guarded, and and well, she has an attitude herself. Of course there is an undeniable attraction between the two and soon it becomes too much for them to resist.

For the most part, I liked their interaction. There was fun, witty dialogue and some LOL moments. This book is definitely entertaining. I enjoyed the change I saw in Heath, he becomes a character with some depth instead of just a cocky jackass.

My mixed feeling lay with Sadie. She is the narrator of this story and she can be really funny. I enjoyed the personality the author gave her. She was pretty cool when she wasn't being uptight. What bothered me was her waffling. She couldn't make up her mind about Heath. When she would give in to her desire to be with him, she was a total bitch to him after. Ugh! It was annoying and frustrating to me. I personally don't like a character that can't make up their mind. They just seem weak to me and honestly drive me bat shit crazy.

In spite this one thing, which is totally personal, this was a good story and definitely worth the read.

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By day, Nina G. Jones works for an internet startup and is a freelance copywriter. She lives with her husband and two dogs.

By night, she explores the hidden recesses of the human psyche in her writing.

Nina has a background in Psychology and uses this as a starting point for her writing. She adds depth to her characters by exploring their psychological motivations. Due to the nature of the topics she explores, Nina does not shy away from explicit language, sexuality, or violence. Despite covering some heavy topics, Nina finds a way to infuse humor into her writing as well.

She has a particular fascination with people who appear to be “normal” or “successful” by all outside appearances who are hiding a secret life.

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