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Blog Tour: Spotlight: Between the Pain by Gia Riley


Tour: Between the Pain by Gia Riley 
Between the Pain by Gia Riley 
Publication Date: June 5, 2014 

Graduating from nursing school and finding herself thrown into the real world, twenty-two year old Hallie Dawson is determined to prove herself on the job. A chance encounter on the first day has charming Ryan Andrews showing up everywhere she goes. With only a string of random hook-ups and one failed relationship in her past, Hallie isn’t used to being pursued. For the first time, two men desire her. Will she choose the right one – or does fate hold all the cards?

Between the Pain is a Contemporary Romance novella about finding love - and being brave enough to follow your heart. Will Hallie end up in the arms of her true love or are the moments in between her pain forming the real story.
Timing is everything.

A fraction of a second, one altered course, one note -- change her life forever.

Looking around, I spot hazel deliciousness. Walking over to me, Ryan has an adorable smirk on his face I know I won’t be able to resist. This guy is going to be my weakness and I don’t even know anything about him other than he wears larger scrubs than I do. This is a definite point in his favor. “Ryan, I didn’t expect to see you here.” I say for the second time in two days as I try to hide my cheeks behind my bottle of beer. I know my face is flushed from his presence.
“And why’s that?” he asks without hesitation.
“I come here all the time and have never seen you. So either you’re following me again or this is your first time here.”
“For the record, I’m not following you, although I would definitely enjoy that. I’ve been here before; I guess you never noticed because I definitely wouldn’t have let you forget me.”
“Is that so? Someone thinks highly of himself,” I say comfortably
 “Are you going to pretend you don’t feel something when you see me? I see the way your cheeks flush and your eyes widen just a little when you look at me. You did the same thing in the parking garage and in the hallway at the hospital. Yesterday, you almost sat in the water fountain when you heard my voice. I like knowing I affect you. It makes me certain you won’t tell me no if I ask you to dance right now.”
Excerpt Three
The song ends and we are left in the middle of the dance floor staring at each other. Neither of us makes a move to say anything else. Why can’t I just say yes like any other normal girl would? One of the bartenders is on the small stage announcing a drink special and something about a band starting in fifteen minutes. I’m too busy looking into Ryan’s eyes to really care about either of those two things right now. Before I have a chance to get my words of acceptance out, Ryan decides to end the moment.
“Think about it, about what I said. It’s just a date and I don’t care if we do it like everyone else or not. Well I care how we do it but that isn’t important right now.” The heat in his gaze makes me take a step back, not because I’m not feeling it, but because I am feeling it. I’ve never had a reaction quite like this one before. I’m quickly figuring out Ryan isn’t like most guys and I think he’s just the adventure I need to help break out of my shell.

Gia Riley is both a Contemporary Romance novelist and book enthusiast. Between the Pain is Gia’s debut novella, having only written as a hobby in the past. Writing has been a passion of hers since high school, when she took her very first creative writing class. Gia is also an active wife and mother. When she has a quiet moment, she loves to swap her play-doh for her laptop. Gia also loves to travel, listen to music and sing (her husband would advise against this). Cruises are her favorite type of vacation with Belize being her favorite port of call.

Gia believes there is nothing more satisfying than getting lost in a good book! Everyone deserves their happily ever after.

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