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Blog Tour: Taking Jessie by J.D. Alexander

Beau is a strong military man. Working most of his life on a ranch, he's a cowboy threw and threw. However he's not ready to settle down and live the life of a rancher so he joins the Navy to see the world and experience life. That was until Jessie comes into the picture. He's head over heels in love with her. 

When Jessie leaves Amarillo heartbroken she thinks she is done with men and will never love again. What she doesn't expect to find is true love in the form of a cowboy named Beau. Just when things start to work out for Jessie, her controlling ex-boyfriend, Tommy returns, he threats to harm her because of her new love.
Will Jessie and Beau live their happily ever after or will anger and jealousy take over. Find out what will happen in Taking Jessie.

A Her Sailor Novel.

The prologue for Taking Jessie really caught my attention immediately. I just had to know why Jessie was so upset. OMG...  Her ex-boyfriend, Tommy! What an asshole!!! He was so controlling and mean to Jessie during their relationship. I am so glad that he broke up with her and she decided to run away to Oklahoma to live with her Granny.

It is on her way to Granny’s house that she has a flat tire and Beau comes to her rescue. He quickly changes the tire and rides away, both of them thinking they won’t see the other again. Thankfully, it isn’t so and they are neighbors. Beau is really intrigued and attracted by her and wants to get to know her. Reluctantly she agrees on a date and their relationship blossoms from there. They quickly become closer and fall deeply in love. However, Tommy makes a reappearance in Jessie’s life and he is not going to let her go. Honestly, he goes a little crazy.

This book is a quick read. The character development is good; I really enjoyed all of them. The author did a really good job at giving them distinct personalities. I however lost my connection with the story once Tommy reappears. Writing wise, I feel like things fell apart a little, but not completely. All of the parts that did not include Tommy were written pretty well. But when it comes the events surrounding him, I felt something was missing. The action and suspense of the story felt very rushed.

All in all, this is an enjoyable book. If you are looking for something quick, this is a book you might want to consider.

Beau I don’t know what to say. I guess I should start by saying I care for you more than I have cared for anyone else.  I have never had this depth of feelings for another person, other than my Granny, and well, this is a different kind of caring.  I wake up thinking about you, I spend my entire day wishing you were with me and I go to bed thinking of you.  Heck, I even dream of you.  You consume my every thought.  I find myself wanting to do anything possible to please you, to make you happy and, well, I’m not sure what that’s called, but if I were to guess then I would say its love.  So Beau, I love you too, love you more than I have loved anyone.

Author J.D. Alexander currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s a Navy wife and mother of three wonderful children. She decided to write when every time she finished reading a novel she would come up with her own ending or beginning. Getting tired of saying "I would have done it this way" she decided to give it a whirl. 

Her sailor and children are her life and spends as much time with them as possible. When not spending time with her family and friends she enjoys helping youth in the community. She also likes to sew and has made special occasion outfits as well as everyday outfits for those she loves. Next to her family and friends she has a deep love; read and you will find her any chance that she has curled up with her e-reader engrossed in a romance novel. 

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