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Positive/Negativity by D.D. Lorenzo

Positive and negative forces peacefully coexist within the lives of ordinary people every day.

Aria Cole has a desire to create beauty in whatever environment she is placed. The emotional toll of expending her heart diverts her to a new direction, and she flourishes while creating beauty in a new way. When a personal loss finds its way into her world, she experiences heartbreaking devastation. Her memories have compelled her to a place where she experiences peace and contentment.

Declan Sinclair’s occupation demands that he use his body as much as his mind, and it forces him to move in a fast-paced world. When the accelerated pace of his lifestyle encourages him to personally navigate the course of his professional destiny, he seizes the opportunity to retreat to his refuge and prepare a vocational strategy.

When positive and negative circumstances merge the lives of Aria and Declan, they find they have more in common than the love of a place of peace. Can the lives of two people, the events that unite them, the circumstances that surround them, and the attraction that draws them be enough to put their lives into balance and assist them in finding what they both secretly desire?

This is a story about 2 characters, Aria and Declan. Overall, I thought this story was good. Hot model (Declan) needs some peace from his fast paced life. He decides to buy a beach house in a town where he used to vacation as a kid with his mother and brother. It is at this time that he feels as peaceful as he can be, or so he thinks.

Aria also has fond memories of the beach town. Her family has always vacationed there every 4th of July. She escapes to her uncle’s beach house after the death of her father. She needs to heal from the loss of him and seems to gain strength and contentment on the beach.

Declan and Aria form a bond over talks and coffee and they soon become inseparable. She brings out the best in him, and he helps her to heal. As the two fall deeper in love, there is someone determined to keep them apart. Marisol. What a bitch! She has definitely made it on my list of most hated characters. Ugh! This woman, I just want to slap her!

While I really enjoyed this story and where the author took it, I found it difficult for me to get into her writing style. It is a bit more formal than I’m used to and took me about half the book to really feel the flow of the story. Something I found to be really awesome and fresh is the narration. The author tells most of the story from Aria and Declan’s perspectives. She also throws in some of Marisol’s point of view. I really enjoyed getting in her crazy head. It gave me a better understanding of what the couple is dealing with. Then, on top of that, we get some 3rd person. With all of these different views you would think that the story would get confusing, but it doesn’t. It actually brought a lot of clarity to the story and I loved it.

D.D. Lorenzo is a fresh modern-day storyteller. Her stories reach deep into the heart of readers and engage them through the emotions of her characters.

D.D. resides in Maryland, The Land of Pleasant Living. She met the love of her life in high school and decided to look no further. Together, they have raised their children into fabulous adults. When she isn't writing stories of the impassioned lives of her characters, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with the great people in her life and riding with her husband in his classic Mustang to the Eastern Shore.

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1.  When driving, I keep my hands at “10 and 2” on the steering wheel.

2.  I have an uncanny ability to find the direct center of any wall WITHOUT a measuring tool.

3.  I sing in the shower…and the car…and in the kitchen…and while putting on make-up…

4.  A dark night sky, filled with stars, simultaneously amazes and calms me.

5.  I love animals.

6.  I like to cook, but I LOVE to make up my own recipes.

7.  I think Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream is a magical, frozen piece of heaven.

8.  I am addicted to accessories.

9.  I’ve painted murals in my kitchen. It looks like The Olive Garden.

10. I like The Olive Garden.

11. My dog’s name is Bella. My daughter’s dog was named Matrix. “Bella Matrix” loosely means “Center of Beauty”. No brainer.

12. I have eclectic taste in music because it suits many moods and fills the soul.

13. I am in love…still.

14. I have spent a great deal of time dedicated to making people with cancer feel better about the way they look.

15. I hate violence…but am ADDICTED to “Sons of Anarchy”.

16. I love to ride in a Mustang!!

17. I dream in Technicolor…and scents.

18. I like to make people see “the other side of the story”.

19. I have a soft voice…but I YELL at football games!

20. I cannot function without coffee. Can anyone?
21. One of my heroes was a 13 year old girl.

22. I love, love, love “The Great American Pin-Up”. My favorite pin-up artist was Gil Elvgren.

23. I love looooooooooooong lunches with good friends!

24. I believe that the women that have been placed in my life, at whatever time, for whatever reason, are AMAZING!!!!

25. I am humbled that people feel my stories the way I do.

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