Friday, May 9, 2014

The Windy City......Chicago

Just wow.

Last weekend was so much fun!!! My BFFF, Sticky Buns, the Yankee, and I all headed to the Chicago Author Event and we had such a great time. I FINALLY was able to meet some of my fellow Mean Girls. 

I met Becky, Stephanie, and Leslie aka Mrs. Cocks if you're nasty. 
It was awesome.

 I'm not going to lie, every author I noticed I got so excited...crazy excited.

 Here's a few things I learned while I was away: 
1. Harper Sloan is seriously the weirdest yet most awesome person...not just 'rad', she's freaking awesome. This was the first time we met and I was worried she would hate me...I hope she still loves me as much as I love her. 

2. Harper's mom aka Momma Sanderson needs to adopt me. I may be 29 but I feel like this should happen. 

3. I had serious love for R.K. Lilley's books before I met her but I seriously fangirl freaked over her...then I got drunk...then I REALLY fangirl freaked. Tears...yep...drunken tears. *Face palm* Side note - Mr. Lilley is just as sweet as she is and is great at finding bar creepers. 

4. Kim Jones is just a rock star - straight up rock star. I say this as someone who has NOT read her series fault. I will be bumping those up on my TBR strictly based off of her personality. TC loves you hard Kim Jones! 

5. Jenn Foor. As a proud Foor Whore she was a biggie for me and she lived up to my hopes -ADORE HER! 

6. Kelsie Leverich is a sweetie and she is absolutely gorgeous. 

7. Rochelle Paige is super sweet...even if she hugged me...but I think she was given payback at Brandos Speakeasy. Side note - I'm not a hugger but I think after this weekend I may be. 

8. Michelle Valentine is just awesome....period. 

9. Ryan Michele was there as a fan and I'm so glad I was able to put a face to her name because I loved Ravage Me and am impatiently waiting for Seduce Me. 

10. Erin Noelle is a good time - whether it's on the flight over or hanging in the street. There was no 'ghost of a smile' on my face - it was always full blown.  

11. Sticky Buns has now had a nickname change - she now will go by Sticky Cooter. 

12. Drunken bathroom selfies with Mrs. Cocks rock. 

13. Brandos Speakeasy in Chicago is the place you want to party. A HUGE shoutout to Dino, Paulie, Eric, and Little Dino...and no Little Dino will not be your book cover model. 

14. Walking down the street after midnight may not be smart but doing it with a herd of drunk chicks who race barefoot and ride stationary bikes like they are going somewhere must scare creepers off. 

15. High heeled boots are really cute but I have no idea how hookers walk the streets with them...NEVER AGAIN! 

16. Double decker bus tours through Chicago are AMAZING! Double decker bus tours in 40 degree weather through Chicago...just say NO! This Louisiana girl is made for heat! 

All in all I say this weekend was an awesome success and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Here's to hoping that Tennessee is just as fun!

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  1. Sounds like y'all had a grand time!! Thanks for sharing. :)